Any tips for applying for a job? Disabled?

Any tips for applying for a job? Disabled? Topic: Job apply letter
June 16, 2019 / By Saundra
Question: I'm 18 and in desperate need of a job, as I already have college and medical bills. I've applied everywhere, honestly. I've finally come to the realization that I need to just pluck up the courage to speak to the manager at the movie theatre. Problem is, I have severe social anxiety, and I have a service dog. I do fine though, as log as I have the dog. Do you think that could hinder my chances of convincing this manager that I'm able to work? Also, what sort of things should I say when looking for a job? Any tips to help with my nervousness?
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Norberta Norberta | 1 day ago
First, let me warn you. Service dogs are only permitted to be used by people who are legally disabled under ADA guidelines. They are specifically trained to perform a task or tasks, that the disabled person cannot do themselves, that mitigates their Disability. I'm telling you because of this: any job which will permit you to bring your service dog to work will require that you fill out a letter of accommodation, in which you'll have to state your disability, what the dog does for you and what training it's received. If they find your dog isn't really a service dog, but an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) parading as a service dog, not only will you not get the job, but they'll most likely report you for federal Fraud. If your found to have a fake service dog you can face high fines, tickets, jail and confiscation of your dog. You said your disability is social anxiety disorder. If this is a disability that falls under ADA guidelines, what task does the dog perform, that you cannot, that mitigates your disability? If the dog only make you feel comfortable or secure, it's not a service dog - it's an ESA (Emotional Support Animal). These dogs, although essential to some, are not service dogs and are not afforded the same public access that service dogs are. If all your ducks are in a row with the dog, then I see no reason not to approach the manager of the movie theater - although I might pick someplace that wasn't so busy if I had a social anxiety disorder. It's up to you though - if you want to work there, by all means get your butt down there and apply! If I'm correct, you get to see free movies, which is a definite bonus!! Good luck!! .
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Norberta Originally Answered: Anyone have any tips for applying for my first job?
Ask for the manager, if they're not there come back later. Hand it to the manager, tell them when you're available, and shake their hand and say "have a good day" with a smile. Best you can do, good luck
Norberta Originally Answered: Anyone have any tips for applying for my first job?
Wear a nice shirt and nice pants (polo and khakis is fine) Make sure you are very polite and friendly with whoever you speak with. It shouldn't matter who you talk to, they will either take the application for you or they will call their manager over. Simply say, "Hello my name is ____, and I filled out an application."

Mabelle Mabelle
Speak with the manager if you want to but unemployment is high. You may be in desperate need of a job but so are millions (literally) of other people. The dog might be a hindrance if you insist upon its being with you. You don't say whether or not you are under treatment. If you aren't don't you think it is high time you were and that you start taking medications to help relieve your anxiety? - that would do more to get you a job than a dog - as nice as having a dog is.
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Mabelle Originally Answered: Am I medically disabled?
You need to first get documentation from your doctor. The state decides if your disability warrants a parking permit. You must apply for a parking permit and fill out the paperwork. They will decide if you can have one or not and send you the permit in the mail. But your doctor must also sign the papers for you. It's a process, but if you want the permit, you have to go through it. As far as work is concerned, you would have to talk with Human Resources and find out what they need as far as documentation. You may qualify for FMLA leave. Go there and ask.~
Mabelle Originally Answered: Am I medically disabled?
Geez, Hdh What a JACKASS! The guy had SPINAL SURGERY AND HAS SPINAL INJECTIONS! I think that deserves a freaking parking pass for crying out loud! Stop being an insensitive creep! At the least, you should be able to get short term disability. But it's a hellish process and often times qualified people are denied the 1st time around. If that happens, fight it! I would.

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