What size crate do I need?

What size crate do I need? Topic: Door case sizes
June 25, 2019 / By Joandra
Question: Ok so I have 2 pit bull puppies, ones 4 1/2 months old, one almost 3 months old. I have a 30"H crate for the older one but I'm not sure how big he will get and I don't know if this crate will continue fitting him ( I doubt it). It's a very big crate but when he sits in it, his heads only about an inch or so from the top. I wouldn't think I'd need to get the biggest one though. Don't great danes and mastiffs fit in the biggest ones? And they're not too much bigger than the one I have. In any case, I have another puppy that I'm trying to find a crate for right now, and if this ones too small for him and he's going to out grow it, I don't want to make the same mistake with her crate. I found one that's 31"H and has a divider in it. Would that be big enough? Or are they both going to outgrow their crates?
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Freida Freida | 3 days ago
I use i crate. They come with a divider so you can change the size of the crate as the dog grows. And they have two doors so you can position it best in your house. I use the crate that is for a dog about 70lbs for my PB.
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Darnell Darnell
Hi, The size of your dogs' crates depend on your dogs' sizes too. Here are the tips of getting the right crate for them, buy one with several inches to spare, best reasons to choose one made of hard plastic and for more tips, you might want to check this out: http://dogtime.com/crates.html
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Breda Breda
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