What makes the Celestron CGE Pro 1400 FASTAR telescope good, and what makes it bad?

What makes the Celestron CGE Pro 1400 FASTAR telescope good, and what makes it bad? Topic: Ota research
June 16, 2019 / By Dollee
Question: I'm looking at the following criteria: -transportation -set up possibilities (I don't want to build myself an observatory) -views of the sky (the quality) -compared to the EdgeHD of the same size -and anything else that might seem important to know when buying or having it
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Best Answers: What makes the Celestron CGE Pro 1400 FASTAR telescope good, and what makes it bad?

Carnation Carnation | 5 days ago
Well, ..., both the Edge & 1400 FASTSATR scopes look like great scopes. However, ..., 1) They're both expensive (between 5 & 6 grand each) 2) They're both too heavy to be portable. Besides you need a little extra cash left over for other astrophography gizmos. Look at the video below for some astrophotography that some of our club members took with far less aperture than 14". Given good technique there's no reason that you couldn't drop down to a 10" & still bring home some great shots. Points for considering a 10" or 12" SCT scope. A) Portability, you can easily fit a 10" scope SCT in the back seat of a car. B) A 10" or 12" is really the maximum you can lift (get the gym membership ready!). My 10" has a 60lb OTA (Optical Tube Assembly). The field tripod with Equatorial wedge adds another 60 lbs. After setup, it weighs 120lbs. Admittedly, I have an older OTA (aircraft aluminum) however, the new OTA's (Carbon Fiber Tubes) are a lot lighter. Still, though, you've got the primary mirror which, at the end of the day, is still a chunk of glass. Again, 12" will be the max that you can lug around. I've torn down and setup my 10" up plenty of times and it's held up really well. It's been from Canada to Florida & it still works great! BTW, buy a soft-case to put your OTA in & use the shipping forms that the scope comes in as filler for the soft-case. Never ever throw your shipping carton away. C) Mount: Now here's the deal. Believe it or not, in Astrophotography the mount is the most important piece of equipment you can own. So you really want to put some research into your mount. It only takes a jumpy worm gear or a drive gear that's "out-of-round" for you to realize this all important fact. So put some time into finding a good mount and then buy the OTA separately. D) The Edge does allow you to replace the secondary mirror & gives you a nice F2.0 flat field. However, you can get an F3.3 focal reducer for any F10 SCT which will give you a nice flat field as well. E) Some other things you need to consider when getting into Astrophotography are: E.1) Patience: Astrophotography is one of the most difficult photography's to master (or even get a decent picture out of.). So it will take you some time. E.2) You will need some way to auto-guide the scope. This is generally another camera & scope mounted to the OTA. It will capture a star near the object you're photographing & lock the scope tracking to that star. The auto-guider keeps the scope from drifting. No matter how good your alignment is all scopes drift enough to ruin your pictures so the scope needs to be auto-guided. E.3) Filtering - I'm not sure what kind of camera you're using but whatever it is you will want an automated color filter wheel to put in front of the camera and of course: filters. You'll want to buy Red, Blue, and Green, H-alpha, O3, Lunar, and Neutral Density filters as well. E.4) Then there's the Camera. Will you use an SLR, DSLR, Webcam, Astrovid, or Astrocam (like an SBIG) with the scope? If it's an SLR or DLSR will your shots be through the lens (I'm assuming through the lens) or piggy backed? Consider also attachment rings and extenders that you may need to buy in order to mount the camera to the scope. E.5) If the gear is too heavy you'll need extra counter weights for your mount. E.6) Consider also now that you'll need to control this from your laptop which implies you need software. Fortunately there's lot's of free software on the web for astrophotography. Registax is one of the best. It's a standard among astrophotogrphers. Plus, a decent skymap program like SkyMap Pro, Starry Night, or others. E.7 Consider the power that you'll need a marine battery or two plus a heavy duty power inverter. Don't buy those wimpy inverters that they advertise at Orion. Get something that's got some muscle from Lowes and a decent marine battery (no car batteries). E.8 Cold weather gear for you and your scope: Dew zappers & resistive heaters for the scope, & Wearguard coveralls (rated at -36F below) with winter-proof shoes for you. OK, ..., now that I've dressed you up in Saul's armor, Go slay me a giant Nebula! PS This is probably more than you wanted to know. If you want to talk with some folks that can help you out get in touch with your local astronomy club or drop me an e-mail outside of this forum & I'll put you in touch with some of the same folks in the video. PSS Before you go all crazy & buy this stuff. One other thing I need to tell you is this: It takes time for you to get to know your scope & how it operates. So don't feel like you've got to jump into the astrophotography thing all at once. Get to know the night sky a little bit & learn how to enjoy finding objects & viewing them with your scope then launch out into the deep w/astrophotography.
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What makes it bad and completely inappropriate for you is the cost of that scope. From your posting history we can see you are a fifteen year old who has asked very basic questions on telescopes in the very recent past. This scope simply isn't in your price bracket or a good match for your expertise level. If you want to lust after expensive scopes that is fine. This one is not particularly exceptional and I can think of other scopes I would much sooner buy for that money. However, repeatedly presenting it as if you are seriously considering purchasing that scope is simply wasting everyone's time and making the knowledgeable people here less likely to help you in the future. People do not like it if you are not straight with them.
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