What makes the rocket go up in the sky?

What makes the rocket go up in the sky? Topic: Doing homework in the car
June 25, 2019 / By Rodger
Question: im doing this project for school and we are doing space and for our homework we have to find things out about rockets so do you know what makes the rocket go up in the sky?
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Midian Midian | 10 days ago
Thrust, which is the force that you get by ejecting mass (exhaust gases, liquids, bullets) all the time. Thrust = mass flow * average exhaust velocity mass flow is the amount of mass you throw every second. If you throw a brick of one kg mass every second out of the back of a car, you produce a mass flow of 1 kg/s. Even small rocket engines that you can buy from model rocket stores have exhaust velocities of about 6000 km/h, the most effective rocket engines reach 16000 km/h. And big rocket engines, like for example the one that propelled the rocket NASA launched this week, named Ares I-X, burn easily many tons of fuel per second and eject the hot exhaust gases (of the same mass as the fuel you have burned) through the nozzle. And the space shuttle gets it's propellants from the tank through two large pipes with 40 cm diameter. You don't need air to push against for producing thrust, actually, all rocket engines work better in vacuum, because air slows the exhaust. Rocket engines push against their own exhaust for moving forward.
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Midian Originally Answered: Rocket in Space Concept?
Yep, inertia. Newt's law one say to the effect "It takes a net force to change the momentum of inertial mass." p = mv is the momentum of a mass (e.g., rocket) traveling at velocity v. As there is no net force (discounting gravity as a possible force) p = constant = mv; so v = constant.

Julian Julian
Newton's third law of motion: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The energy that is being thrust out the engine also pushes up on the rocket, propelling it into the sky.
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Harrie Harrie
Pointing the nose in the direction of the sky, along with having sufficient thrust to overcome gravity.
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Eldous Eldous
newton's third law of motion... for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction... thrusters fire in one direction (downward in this case) and the rocket moves in the opposite direction (downward)
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