What is the best phone for a teenager?

What is the best phone for a teenager? Topic: Open data business plan
July 16, 2019 / By Misty
Question: I think I might have to replace my phone that doesn't charge any more. Anyway, right now I have the LG env3. It has a physical keyboard which I love to text on and it flips open. I have Verizon. I want the iPhone 4 but it doesn't have a physical keyboard plus it's super pricey. The data plan also piles up the money also, and remember that I'm only 14. I question if I want such an expensive phone. Blackberry's seem pretty cool, but people say that they're for business and for older people mainly. Are there any good phones for Verizon that I would be interested in? Here are my wants for my next phone: 1. Good texting 2. Preferably a smartphone 3. Maybe a touch screen? That's basically all I want. Please suggest what you think will be best for me! @jojo- your joke was so funny i forgot to laugh. @one thoughtful person- yes, my parents are on a budget and really wanted me to think about a new phone. we are going to california a month later and my parents want me to be safe and carry a cell phone with me. please just answer my question. thanks
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Lindsie Lindsie | 10 days ago
You can't beat an iPhone 4. If jailbroken bitesms is an excellent txting download, you can type just as fast on a iPhone than any other phone, it's also a smart phone. It's 95% touch screen. Androids are also good but iPhone is my vote.
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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn
You Have To Get A Phone That Your Parents Can Adford. Things Are Very Very Very Hard Right Now For EveryOne, I Mean The Last Thing You Should Be Worried About Is A Phone. Just Think About The Now.
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Gyneth Gyneth
The Best Phone for Teenager is The BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Phone importantly enhances the touch screen interactivity with new Sure Press technology Other features include a 3.2-mega pixel camera camcorder, Bluetooth connectivity for hands free resources and stereo music streaming, included 16 Gbit microSD memory card (with 16 GB upper limit expansion), supporting for up to 10 personal and corporate e mail reports, gentle access to favorite social networking and speedy messaging services, support for BlackBerry App World, and up to 5.5 hours of talk time.
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Divina Divina
Blackberry's are awesome for teens. Don't listen to people that say tthat. People can have any phone they want even if it's for bussiness or not. the iphone is totally mainly for bussiness...but u still want it!(: So you should get a blackberry bold:)
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