Can he really do this?

Can he really do this? Topic: Find out your family dna research
June 25, 2019 / By Albina
Question: im 4 months pregnant. when my ex boyfriends family found out i was pregnant, they didnt want me to have the baby.they suggested abortion many times. my baby's dad left me last month.when he left me he was very rude to me and called me a wh0re, *****...things like that. also he had been saying that he wasnt the dad. now after not hearing from him for a month...his family contacted me. i told them that he wasnt the dad...(trying to get rid of them). so they said they were very happy about that. THEN they told me that as soon as my baby is born, they want a dna test and that they are going to take the baby away. the babys dad doesnt have a job, i dont think he will finish high school, and he does alot of drugs. i honestly cant trust him to be taking my baby every weekend or so because i believe he is the type of person who would just run away with it and not give it back. he isnt responsible at all. what should i do?
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Trey Trey | 8 days ago
you can get a test done now.........just thought i'd tell you that first. i don't know much one these type of things i suggest doing research and consulting with a lawyer, fight for you child don't let them take someone you love from you.
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Rehoboam Rehoboam
i would suggest a dna test either way because it'll help with child support. if you are a minor i would suggest finding a lawyer. if his family is more fit to raise a child than the environment you are in they can take the baby away if the baby is his. the other thing you can do is sign custody rights over to your parent until you are 18.
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Meade Meade
leave that guy................& be with u r baby alone........dont do dna test other wise u r ex bf will take u r baby........
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