What were the hassles of traveling with baby?

What were the hassles of traveling with baby? Topic: Baby suitcase stroller
June 25, 2019 / By Jesse
Question: Well, my husband is leaving for Basic Training in 2 weeks and my daughter (4 weeks) and I planning to move in with my mom for the time being by this month. We live in Georgia and my mom lives in New York City. So flying time is about 2 hours. What were the hassles of flying with a 1 month old baby? And moving at that? Will I have to check in her stroller or can I take it with me? What do I do with the base of the car seat? Am I still only entitled to 1 carryon even though I have my baby with me? Sorry so many questions, I'm just real anxious about moving this soon.
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Glenn Glenn | 6 days ago
Most airlines will allow you to check a carseat free of charge. I have flown delta, continental and united and they all did this. You can take your stroller with you, but you will "gate check" it when the plane boards and pick it up right outside of the airplane door when you arrive. You are still entitled to a carry on even with baby. In fact you are most likely entitled to 2. One personal bag and one carry on suitcase When I flew from CO to NY by myself with my 7 week old, I only had her in a sling and a diaper bag. The only hassle was feeding, but overall she slept the 7 hours (I had a layover). You'll be fine!! Good luck!
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Glenn Originally Answered: Traveling on a plane with a baby?
Your little one will most likely sleep the entire flight at that age since the plane is essentially a giant womb. I flew with my daughter from South Korea to Idaho when she was 2 months (16 hours on a plane) and she slept almost the whole time. She woke up to eat then passed back out instantly (she's a terrible sleeper so it was awesome). I breastfed during take off and landing to help her ears and breastfed her during the flight. It was so much easier than carrying around bottles and worrying about the milk staying good or carrying any extra stuff like bottles. I took her car seat on the plane and checked the stroller at the door but honestly it was more of a hassle. I had her sling and she stayed in there the whole time anyways. When you get on the plane ask the attendant for a bassinet seat, they have bassinets that hook directly into the wall of the plane which was awesome. I took her boppy on board with us for feedings and for her to sleep on, it was a life saver.

Douglas Douglas
I suggest that you ask your mom to purchase second hand some of the larger items like stroller and sleep and play and only carry what you *have* to. Other option is ship all your stuff via UPS but that would probably cost as much as buying from a resale. In short, the airlines don't care anymore about people they care about profits. You will be charged for all your additional luggage just as everyone else would be. Base of the carseat I would wrap in a garbage bag (because parts will become loose and fall off, BTDT) and check as luggage. You'll have to pay but that is worth it. Bring the carrier part with you on the plane unless your DD will be a sharing your seat. Then you *have* to pack the carrier part with the base. Other than that don't worry about packing too many toys or entertainment at her age. Just pack plenty of bottles (if you are not bfing) and a change of clothes for her and diapers, etc. And a binky or bottle for takeoff and landing. It's really not that bad. I've flown ALOT when my kids were babies. However it's the luggage thing that is going to get you so pack light and buy in NY.
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Brenton Brenton
You will check the stoller, carseat and base at the gate. I put the base in the bottom basket on the stroller when shes in it. So you have it in the airport with you, give it to them before you get on the plane and then they give it back to you right after you get off. You can have 1 carry on and 1 personal item (purse, laptop etc..). They normally will not care if both bags are larger as long as they are still carry on size. Most likely she will sleep the whole time. If you feed her during take off and landing it will help her ears pop so the pressure doesnt build up. You can also check a pack and play at baggage for free. Sorry cant help you with the moving part. Good luck
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Ahearn Ahearn
I have flown lots of times with my daughter when she was a baby, including Glasgow (UK) to Florida. And including internal flights on my own with her. You will be fine, try no to worry too much. If you are formular feeding you will have to taste the bottles in front of airport staff when you go through the x ray machine bit. You can take the buggy with you right up until you board the aircraft, then the staff will take it and put it below the plane for you. The only trouble is you will have to wait for it to come out the other side with all the other bags, so take a baby sling/carrier with you to walk to baggage claim. Yes you still are only able to take on one carry on , just take a good sized bag with you. Some airlines charge you to check a car seat in so check with the airline direct, its usually in the small print on thier website. Have you paid for an actaual seat for your baby to take the car seat onto the flight? If not she will have to go on your lap. The cabin crew are usually pretty good at holding your baby for you if you need to go to the toilet on board. Try not to worry too much I know it is stressful but just write a big list of all the important things you dont want to forget to do and that will clear your head, you dont have to think about anything as it is all on your list. All the best, it will be fine. x
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Sunny Sunny
The descent from cruising altitude is what's going to disappointed your little one due to the fact that their ears would possibly not pop. I could recommend makeing certain that every time you begin descending you've gotten a bottle or pacifier able for them to suck on. That will more commonly support. If it will get too severe, take a look at relocating your little one's jaw from part to part lightly as this will free up one of the most strain too. You too can take a look at lightly tugging at the ear lobes to stretch the ears in order that it creates a small passage to allow her ears equalize. As a final ditch attempt, and that i fairly do not peculiarly reccomend this except not anything else has labored, you and your husband would possibly have to paintings in combination to plug the babys nostril and near its mouth in order that the ears would possibly pop. I noticed this performed on an plane as soon as. The deficient little one used to be no longer pleased approximately it and it may be harmful due to the fact that you do not desire the baby to suffocate or no longer have entry to air, so simply to it for a pair seconds or whatever. I am no longer a mom myself however have flown on airplanes relatively widely and those had been one of the most matters that i've noticeable performed for toddlers or sons and daughters. Good good fortune!
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Sunny Originally Answered: When did you start feeding your baby three meals of solids a day? how did you keep baby clean in public?
Baby poncho? lol, just kidding! You might try distracting her with a spare spoon or something while you feed her so her hands are too busy to make a mess. Also, we gradually increased our daughters meals up to three a day within the first year. At age 1 she was eating three regular solid meals a day. Her primary nutrition source was still breastmilk/formula until age one though, as it should be.

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