What makes a Virgo Man Cheat?

What makes a Virgo Man Cheat? Topic: Make a case set
July 17, 2019 / By Elihoenai
Question: What types of things would make a virgo man stray? And when They do does this mean they are done with the relationship they are in and are just waiting for the time to leave? For everything I have read states that they are one of the most loyal partners. The purpose of my questions is due to one of my friends going through her man cheating on her, and He is a virgo.
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Charley Charley | 9 days ago
Some Virgos catch vertigo and don't know which way is up. It is almost like they disappear in their mind and reappear in space where direction has no meaning, but this is not the case because they have both feet on the ground here on earth. However, the planet Mercury, that influences this sign's behavior, has its "celestial" feet firmly planted in the Virgo. This will cause them to feel like they are "immune" to any real consequence, which could include having some cake, with some ice cream on the side that includes a cherry. It is not that they find you less appealing, it is only them playing freely like a child; their inner child looks to experiment, and to invent. It is said that those who are born under the influence of Mercury tend to "burst the bubble" of others, and cause others to re-examine their realities. Interestingly, they quite often burst their own bubbles and re-examine their own reality. This is why they maintain a strong connection to the body throughout their life. To answer your question, ultimately, Virgos are loyal, and will do everything to make things work, so if they have strayed, this means that they have contemplated this move for some time, so "Yes", they are on their way out, and there is nothing one can do to change things, because the plan is already set in motion. If the woman still wants to stick around, and hold on, she will soon find out that she has become the ice cream...
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Charley Originally Answered: Did my boyfriend cheat? Or is looking to cheat? help?
You need to relax. He wouldn't have shown you the inbox if he had something to hide. Boys like to look at boobs. It's not a big deal. Just because he signs up on a website doesnt mean he would cheat on you. The more important issue here is trusting him, because if you don't trust him, you're going to freak out every time there's an unexplained phone call, or if he talks to a girl you don't know.

Alured Alured
Well,,im a virgo man, so i can answer this..also my gf had like 3 virgo boy friends and this also had happened..the reason is because they get bored quick, not only that its that virgos MAIN trait is that we are perfectionists. As soon as we spot something we dnt like in a feemale we are ready too move on..sad huh...well im committed to my gf and i accept her for who she is.. Astrology can really be confusing..it all depends on that persons birth chart and what planets they were born under and in what house they are located in.. Butt yea..all virgos are perfectionists and what things too be perfect..they also dnt get emotionally hurt eailsy and could get over a relashionship break up in a couple of days compared to a pisces who will mourn over a relashionship for months..maybe years..
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Theda Theda
Pretty much all the same things would make any man stray, it has nothing to do with his sign. Some things I can think of, he's not happy anymore, maybe she stop doing a lot of things she use to do which I'm sure is a result of him doing the same. She's gained weight, not sexually attracted to her anymore, no spark there, not getting enough attention, she won't do certain things in the bedroom that he would like to try, she let herself go, met someone else who appreciates all the things he does for her, etc., the list could go on forever.
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Rosanna Rosanna
im into astrology but not to the point where i let a guy off cos of his sign.theres one thing that makes a man cheat and that's his dick. tell her to leave his ***. he's not the right match for her ; he wouldn't sleep with someone else if she was.
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Rosanna Originally Answered: Whats the best match for a virgo guy?
Taurus or Capricorn,both Earth signs. These two really understand each other, making this pairing the stuff of longterm relationships. The earth-wise, natural Taurus attracts the eye of purity conscious Virgo. The Bull takes the lead, and Virgo doesn't mind going along with a good plan. Virgo chats Taurus up, and gets them talking about things they know. Both are cautious in romance, and take their time observing the other in life situations. Virgo takes note of what Taurus likes and dislikes, and makes a point to lay out a banquet of favorites. Taurus goes wild for the understated sensuality of Virgo, and is able to reach those deeper layers over time. Virgo can trust the rooted stability of Taurus, finding it easier to relax in their presence. Over the long haul, Taurus helps Virgo channel their busy work into something weighty. If Taurus is the financial planner, Virgo helps to analyze all the options. Virgo's intellect can dislodge Taurus out of a stuck place, and inspire more flexibility. Both are security-conscious, sharing the need to think things through. Taurus can be resistant to the critiquing style of Virgo, but at times will appreciate the insight. Virgo may sometimes think Taurus too rigid and unchangeable. In the end, they're both sensible, and won't jeopardize a good thing over these minor frictions. The Taurus-Virgo home is an evolving experiment in cozy, efficient living. Taurus admires Virgo's dexterity in the bedroom, and Virgo finds Taurus an inviting cave to crawl into each night. There's a lot unspoken in this compatible connection that is expressed through physicality Famous Couples: Faith Hill (Virgo) and Tim McGraw (Taurus); Roberto Rossellini (Taurus) and Ingrid Bergman (Virgo); Ahmet Zappa (Taurus) and Rose McGowan (Virgo) A sweetly matched pair that can become wholly devoted to one another. Neither wants a fly-by-night affair, and will instantly pick up on the earthy depth as promising for a longterm relationship. Both need reassurance of respect, and find loyalty and enduring love a big draw. They intuit what the other likes/dislikes, and tries to provide tangible, but understated signs of affection. The particulars of life make these two swoon, though they might not show it on the outside. Talk on dates revolves around life's work and strategies for getting ahead, or in Virgo's case, self-improvement. Capricorn puts out stellar PR, and inspires Virgo to be bold -- not self-deprecating -- with the way they present their gifts to the world. Virgo intuits the Goat's desire to achieve, and can be the number one fan. Capricorn feels supported by Virgo's desire to serve, and finds their practical advice very helpful. Capricorn's intense drive shows Virgo how to rein in all their interests. When both have meaty careers that are fulfilling, they can sink into a daily rhythm of productivity that works for both. A demanding, bossy Capricorn can be hard on the nerves of sensitive Virgo. Capricorn benefits from being with a flexible partner, one that instinctively knows how to 'process' stuff, and purify their system. Virgo can teach Capricorn the art of wringing themselves out through exercise and making time in the day to unwind. Both need solitude, though Capricorn is known to retreat into a cave of melancholy. Virgo has wisdom to share with the Goat about renewal, and going with the flow of life. Virgo's appearance has an essence (and smell) of clean, and Capricorn also strives for a pulled-together look. They are sexually compatible, and Capricorn has no problem taking the lead. Doing things together physically, both in and out of the bedroom, keeps the tie strong. It's important to make having fun a priority, like getting out into nature, camping, walks in the park, bike rides, skiing, hiking, etc. The pull may be to rooting in, but it stays fresh when the circle of experience together is everwidening, too. Famous Couples: Humphrey Bogart (Capricorn) and Lauren Bacall (Virgo); Jared Leto (Capricorn) and Cameron Diaz (Virgo); Ava Gardner (Capricorn) and Mickey Rooney (Virgo)

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