Lots of easy horse questions?

Lots of easy horse questions? Topic: Cold case season 1 7
June 25, 2019 / By Aldridge
Question: 1. How often does a horse need new shoes? Trim? 2. How often should the vet come out for non-emergency checkups? 3. How often for teeth floating? 4. How often for shots? 5. How do you know what size halter a horse needs? 6. what about girth? 7. blankets and which do you need?? there's so many kinds!! 8.How often should you clean your tack, brushes and bathe your horse? 9. How do you know what size saddle? 10. Are there different size english bridles? 11. for Hunter/Jumper how do you know which saddle pads you need? or risers etc.?? 12. Should you get boots for your horse? sorry it's a lot lol.
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Talisha Talisha | 9 days ago
1. How often does a horse need new shoes? Trim? Usually the farrier comes out every 4-6 weeks for a checkup and to change the shoes. It is good to have your horse's feet regularly checked. 2. How often should the vet come out for non-emergency checkups? Vets usually come out about twice a year to give your horse his yearly shots (once in the spring, once in the summer). Whenever you see something wrong with your horse, though, it is best to call your vet and they will either give their analysis over the phone or they will go out to your barn to check your horse. 3. How often for teeth floating? A horse's mouth should be floated about once a year unless your horse has bad teeth and needs it more than that. 4. How often for shots? Shots are twice a year -- once in the spring once in the fall -- to get shots for the viruses and diseases that are going into season. It is also best to worm your horses monthly -- ask your vet which worming medication he/she suggests for every month. 5. How do you know what size halter a horse needs? Halters are usually divided by the weight of your horse. Depending on what breed and size, you should be able to estimate how much your horse weighs, and you are then able to buy a halter depending on their size. 6. what about girth? Girth sizes vary for each horse -- each horse has a different shape. I would ask a couple different people that you know if you can try their girth and see which size fits your horse best. 7. blankets and which do you need?? there's so many kinds!! Your horse only needs a blanket when it is very cold -- we usually put blankets on our horses when the temperature drops below 30*s. For blankets, I would suggest something like this: http://www.horse.com/Orican-Basic-Medium-Weight-1200D-Blanket-BEA04.html I would get a blanket that keeps your horse warm to low temperatures. 8.How often should you clean your tack, brushes and bathe your horse? You shouldn't have to bathe your horse too often -- giving horses baths will dry their skin out and some dirt and dust is actually good for the horse's skin (not caped mud). I rarely give my horses a bath. You should definitely clean your tack regularly -- as often as you can. Using good saddle soap and good saddle conditioner will make your tack last years and years before wearing down. Cleaning your brushes isn't that big of a deal, but you could probably clean them out a couple times a year, depending on how dirty they get. 9. How do you know what size saddle? You will have to measure your buttocks. Depending on the size of your butt and the size of your horse, you will be able to determine what size of saddle you should get. This website will give you some more details: http://www.sportsaddle.com/noflash/learning/answers/determining_size.htm Also, always remember to get a return slip so if the saddle does not fit you can return it to get another size. 10. Are there different size english bridles? There are different sizes, but you are also able to adjust the straps on your horse's bridle to adjust it to the right fit. Every bridle will need to be adjusted -- just buy a bridle that looks about your horse's head size and adjust it later. Again, always get a return slip just in case it doesn't fit. 11. for Hunter/Jumper how do you know which saddle pads you need? or risers etc.?? Saddle pads usually vary according to the size of the saddle. I usually see hunters use these types of saddle pads: http://www.horse.com/Pro-Craft-Double-Sided-Waffle-Weave-Pad-EIM16.html http://www.horse.com/Pro-Craft-NewBreed-English-Saddle-Pad-EIA10.html 12. Should you get boots for your horse? Boots are not required unless your horse has a hoof injury and the vet suggests that you buy a boot for them. If you would like, you can buy a boot for your horse so you have one if you ever need one, but it not a must-have to buy right away. I hope that this answers your questions and helps Good luck:)
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Regena Regena
These are all based on my horse, they can change from horse to horse 1- 8 weeks for shoes, trimmed at the same time 2- Vet comes out yearly, gives shots and checkup at the same time 3- Teeth usually get floated once per year, some very old or very young horses need it more often, my 12-year-old can usually go a year and a half before needing to be done. 4- Depends on which vaccine, most once a year some every-other year 5-They are sized by "pony", "horse", "cob", and "draft". Most horses wear whatever they are... ponies wear pony size, et cetera. They also make foal sizes. Halters are adjustable so they will fit many horses. 6- Girth size is just trial and error, try on a few until you find one that fits. 7- You don't really need a blanket unless it goes below 25 degrees regularly. I just put a waterproof sheet over my horse if it's rainy and cold. 8- clean tack lightly after every ride and thoroughly every 2 weeks. Clean brushes every 2 weeks. Bathe the horse when it gets sweaty after a ride and whenever needed, depending on how muddy it gets. 9- Saddle size, get a professional out to look at your horse. Hard to say over the internet but horses come in different widths and the saddle must accommodate that. For you, there should be one hand of space in between your butt and the end of the saddle. 10- Bridles are sized like halters. See above. 11- For saddle pads, just get a square pad for schooling and a nice white pad for showing.. 12- Most horses don't need boots.
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Mickey Mickey
1. usually between 6-8 weeks but it depends on the horse and the season. 2. I have the vet out for shots, injuries and coggins. I usually get the shots/coggins in the spring. (I usually get teeth floated and sheath cleaned at the same time). 3. Once a year (again, depends on the horse) after a horse turns 10. Sooner if they show signs of needing it. 4. Usually yearly, some need boosters every x amount of months. 5. You can go off the sizes. Foal, pony, cob, horse, draft. 6. You can measure for the girth or do trial an error. 7. I have warm winter blankets for when it gets below 0 here. Otherwise I dont use them. Measure from withers to tail. 8. You should clean your tack after every ride, or at least twice a year. I like to clean it in the spring since I dont use it much in the winter. I also inspect if for loose/breaking parts. 9. Your saddle size is based on your seat. You should sit comfortably in it and it should fit your horse as well. (I do trial and error on that one for seat size and measure for the horse.) 10. Yes, because there are different sized horses. Same as halters. 11. You use an english saddle pad, some have gel or something that give added comfort. Risers are needed if the pommel and cantle of the saddle are not even on your horse, meaning the cantle needs to be leveled out. 12. I use boots for gaming and jumping (on my 13 year old gelding) and on my young horse because shes clumsy.
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Lexia Lexia
1. On average 6-8 weeks, but every horse is differnet, mine get done every 3-6 months. (and they are perfectly fine) 2. Spring to get shots and coggins and to float teeth. 3. Can vary between every 6 months to a year. 4. Once a year. 5. Normally 'Average' or 'Horse' Size....but it depends on your horse. 6. Girth size, depends you got a fat/large horse or a skinny/small horse? 7. I dont blanket my horses, let nature do its job. 8. Tack, every couple of months, even if its not being used (gets moldy), Brushes, put them in a pail of hot soapy water and wiggle them around. Baths for horses, I do about once a month. 9. Saddle size depends on your butt, rule of thumb, from your pinky to index finger width from the back of your butt to the end of the saddle. 10. English Bridles - Ya 'Pony', 'Horse', 'Draft' 11. English pads, normally a saddle pad that fits the shape of your saddle, risers you only need if your saddle sits too low in the back end. 12. what kinda boots? Shipping boots yes! protective boots, ya it cant hurt, I use them, helps protect those delicate legs from injury.
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Jules Jules
Shoes- about every 6 months Trim- about every 4-8 months. usually try to do it whenever your horse gets shod. Halter- depends on the weight of the horse. Teeth floated- Every 6 months **Don't forget about de-worming!!** Pads- depends on the horses sensitivity. Bathe- 1x a month, or depending on how dirty the horse is, maybe even every 2-3 weeks. Brush on a regular basis because if you leave all the debri on the coat when your riding, it will cause sores and make the horse very uncomfortable and sassy. Saddle bases on your size and the horses withers. Tack= wipe down after every use to preserve the leather and have it last longer, also deep clean it once a month. English bridle- usually come in Cob size and Full size(horse size) and is somewhat adjustable.. Vet- the horse needs annual shots maybe every 6 months to 1 year have the vet come out for a check up.. Websites: Check out www.statelinetack.com and www.horse.com
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Ginny Ginny
1) for feet trimming, It really depends on what your horse does, but around 6-8 weeks. 2) Twice a year. 3) Once or twice a year. 4) Defianly during spring (your barn usually has a schedule) 5) It depends on the size/age/breed of your horse. for a normal quarter horse get a full size. 6) Again depends on how wide/fat/skinny etc. your horse is. 7) Read up on them there are so many good ones 8) Clean leather tack once of twice a year, whenever you think, for shows clean a lot! 9) By measuring the seat/tree/ and etc. 10, 11, 12, ) I ride western so I do not know much about english. sorry! Hope this helps! (: Good luck
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Derby Derby
Great question! I love arab-crosses too. I have two horses, one is NW Otonio Blue Sky (nickname Tono, as in "Oh no!" with a T), an arabian-paint-something (grade) horse. He has a fancy name but really he's just a pretty mutt! He's a six year old and super fiesty, we are slowly working on trail riding without flipping out at butterflies, groundwork and general respect. Our goal is to do endurance some day, and the ultimate impossible dream-- completing the Tevis! The other is Annie, formerly "Halo," my rescue filly. She just turned 2 this spring. Annie came from a baaaaaad place where she, as a weanling, was stuck in a big, broken rusty roundpen with a couple of adult horses. They had produced her because they were breeding "paint horses," i.e. horses of color from whatever random stallions and mares with no decent conformation... Anyway, she got jammed up against something metal in that roundpen and got a bad hip wound. She was then sold to a lady who super-glued (yes! arrrghhh!) some gauze over the wound "to keep the flies off." Well, the second lady ran out of pasture and ditched Annie on Craigslist, that's where I found her. She had to have a major operation to remove a bone chip and necrotic bone, four months of antibiotics, treatment for maulnutrition, etc etc and she's still not sound, but at least she is in a much better place--- and I'll never never sell her! She's my baby now, we go for walks :) Sorry for the rambling! I love reading about everyone's horsies, it's like going to an internet horse show!
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Caltha Caltha
1. On average every 6-8 weeks however my horse is an eventer and during competition season he can need doing every 3 weeks! 2.It depends on your horse, but its usually about three times a year. 3.Each horse differs with thier teeth but my horse has his done every 3 months. 4. Depending on what shots your horse needs its usually bout once or twice a year. 5.I dont know american sizing but with english ones you get foal, pony, cob, full size and extra full. 6.Again I dont know american but with english ones you normally just measure your horse and go out and buy the appropriate size. 7. It depends on where you live but here in England my horse has a heavyweight turnout for winter, a lightweigt turnout for spring/fall, an under rug and stable rug for winter (hes just in the under rug for spring/fall) and a summersheet for travelling. 8.Your meant to clean your tack every time you use it but you can get away with doing it once a week as long as you wash the bit off every time its used. Always clean your tack if it gets wet or really muddy. I tend to clean my brushes every few months and my horse gets a bath before every competition. 9. I dont know with american saddles but english saddles tend to come in pony sizes wich normally come in lengths of about 14-15inches (from the pommel to the cantle or front to the back, you decide wich measurements best fit your horse buy measuring from thier withers to thier loin and try to get a saddle that isnt to long that it goes over either of them) and in horse sizes wich normally are from about 17-18 inches. 10. English bridles are sized the same as english halters. 11.It all depends on the horse and thier needs. 12. Again it all depends on your horse, your vet should be able to tell you at the initial vetting if the horse will need boots and what kind. If you ever intend to travel your horse you will need some travelling boots.
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Man sorry to hear that, if you asked about anything other than the Australian part I could have helped. Hope it works out!

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