I'm traveling for the first time and.?

I'm traveling for the first time and.? Topic: Space case suitcase
July 20, 2019 / By Adonijah
Question: I'm 15, and i'm going to stay with my friend in the USA, and i'm nervous to go through the airport by myself, because i'm unsure what to do, and to make sure i have everything i need with me, but i'm mainly nervous about getting though the airport, so could someone give me the downlow on what to do?
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Storm Storm | 1 day ago
Getting through your airport by yourself for the first time can be pretty nerve wrecking at first, but if you know what to expect, it's not bad at all! First of all, get to the airport early so you have plently of time in case of lines at check-in or security. I usually get there 2-3 hours early, leaving me a lot of extra time to get to my gate. I'm you'll be taking a checked bag and a carry-on bag. Your checked bag is the luggage that you drop off at the check-in counters at the front of the airport. They usually can't weigh over 50 pounds and they have certain measurement requirements, so check your airline's website to make sure your bag meets the requirements. When you check in your luggage, make sure you have your boarding pass ready! Click here for a list of things you are NOT allowed to take in your checked bag: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/p... Here are some tips on packing your checked bag: http://www.ehow.com/about_4577896_space-... You also should take a carry-on bag. A carry-on bag usually can't weigh over 20 pounds, and different airlines have different measurement requirements, so check your airline's website again for specific requirements. A backpack or a tote bag will work great as a carry-on bag. Keep your boarding pass and some form of ID (a passport will do) in an easy-to-reach area in your carry-on bag. Here is a list of things you should take in your carry-on bag: http://www.blogher.com/what-pack-your-ca... Also, if you are taking any liquids in your carry-on bag, make sure they aren't over 3 ounces or they will be confiscated. If you want to bring a water bottle, you can buy one at the airport after you go through security. If you are bringing a laptop, remove it from its case when it goes through security. Going through security will only be a hassle if you didn't pack efficiently. Read through these tips so you know what to expect, and how to get through quickly: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/screening_experience.shtm Don't worry- if you get lost or you are confused at all during your time in the airport, don't hesitate to ask an employee. They'll always help you out.
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Storm Originally Answered: First time traveling.where to first?
Choose a destination and run with it. Start saving your money and research your options. There will be some places that you want to see where you are just going to have to eat the tourist prices, so you may as well chew and swallow. For instance, if you have always wanted to go to Paris, it is going to cost you. There are ways of making it more affordable, but it is going to be expensive. Rather than go to a travel agency, go to the library and check out some Frommer's or Lonely Planet make good ones. It does not matter if they are recent or not, but the travel books will give you an idea as to what is available to visit in a country. Rick Steves also has a good travel show that will give you a visual representation of the area you want to visit, I think it is on PBS. After you figure out where you want to go, and what you want to do, start planning. Depending upon where you want to go, the prices will vary according to season. For instance, going to Europe from May to August is going to be expensive, but the prices will drop in the off season - both for airfare and hotel costs (excepting major holidays). Another thing that you can do is just start saving your money and when you get a couple thousand $$ (since you are in MD, you are adjacent to a gateway airport out of the US) start reading the ads in the travel section of the paper and see what specials are available. I have friends in NYC who do this, they'll see an ad to someplace different (maybe it is not someplace on your short list) and the price happens to be right, and they jump on the plane with maybe as little as a week notice. If you don't have a passport, you might want to get one now.
Storm Originally Answered: First time traveling.where to first?
The most beautiful place I have been was Corsica. It is an island south of France. It's not too touristy, and it is absolutely gorgeous! If I were you, I would get a small group of friends (maybe 8) who would like to go on this adventure with you. Look for the cheapest tickets into Western Europe, maybe stop by some major places, depending on where you fly into (Geneva was always pretty cheap). Then I would take a train to southern France and the boat over to the island. Trains are the most inexpensive way to travel over there. I'd rent out a house on the coast with your friends, this makes the cost a lot better when you split it up between you all. There are tons of fun things to do there like scuba diving, canyoning (which is like mountain climbing/hiking through a valley in water while you follow the river. Hard to explain but amazing), cliff jumping, ect. It's amazing. I wish you the best of luck!
Storm Originally Answered: First time traveling.where to first?
It would help to know WHERE you are. Transportation costs a significant part of any travel budget, so we can't suggest places to go unless we know where you will start from. If I say - Oh, go to Myrtle Beach, but you live in Australia, then it is quite pointless.

Storm Originally Answered: Traveling for the first time. Any advice?
LAX is made up of 9 Terminal Buildings(Terminal 1-8 and Tom Bradley International). It is a huge airport, but if you think of it as 9 smaller airports it makes things a lot easier. The biggest problem you are going to have is to know what terminal you need to go to. Depending on your airline you will depart out of T1-8. If you are parking off-site(don't park in the terminal area unless it is short term), and/or taking a shuttle to the terminal all you need to do is tell the driver what airline and they will get you to the right terminal. If you are being dropped off, you need to know the airline and then can find the terminal. You can look at that from the link below. Departures are on the Upper Level and it is a 1 way street around the airport in a horseshoe shape. It starts at T1 then goes to T3, at the top of the horseshoe is TBIT, you then have T4-T8. If you miss your terminal, just loop around again. Just be aware that if you are dropped off at the curb, it is strictly a drop-off. If the driver leaves the vehicle or you are not actively taking bags out of the car LAPD will come up and tell you to move the car. And don't even think about having someone drop you off and leaving the car at the curb while they help you take your bags inside. If you need help taking your bags, have them park in the structure. I highly suggest you check-in on-line and print your boarding pass from home. As a trick, if your boarding pass has a gate number already assigned the first number will be the terminal. So as an example if your gate is 53 you are in terminal 5. If you checked in on-line and have no bags to check you can go directly to security with your Boarding pass and ID. Once through security, verify your gate from the monitors and head to the gate. They will start boarding of your flight starting about 30-45 minutes before. There should not be a problem with your reservation, but if there is you can try the airline first. However, they may direct you to contact Orbitz. Also, since this is your first time I would suggest arriving 2 hours before your flight.
Storm Originally Answered: Traveling for the first time. Any advice?
There won't be a problem with your reservation. Orbitz should have given you a confirmation number. You can go to the airline website, put in your res # and last name, and it will show your reservation. You can either print your boarding pass at home within 24 hours of your flight, or wait until you get to LAX. There will be terminals where you can check in that will print your boarding pass. It's pretty easy once you get there, but there are people around who can help. If you have a bag to check, you'll need to drop it off after you get your boarding pass. Then, get in the security line with your boarding pass and ID. After security, head to your gate. The gate number will be printed on the boarding pass. LAX is a huge airport, so plan to get there early. And make sure you head to the correct terminal building for your airline.
Storm Originally Answered: Traveling for the first time. Any advice?
LA to NY flight is under five hours. Normally there will be no problem with reservations already made through any website or agency. To make sure that you hold a confirmed seat, please call their customer service and check your reservations with your PNR (passenger name rcord) and also you can ask them to book a seat for you in advance. Tell them that you are flying for the first time and ask them to suggest a good seat to have a better view of all. The seat depends on the type of aircraft you fly. Yours being a domestic flight, once you disembark at LAX you may proceed with other passengers and wait for your bag claim which will arrive on the conveyor belt soon. Pick it up and exit the airport to go to your place by hiring a taxi/bus/train as per your wish.

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