What makes Lebanon good to live in?

What makes Lebanon good to live in? Topic: I am thankful for writing assignment
July 20, 2019 / By Chrysanta
Question: I was also thinking of Iceland, but too late to change now ...will you help me with my assignment pls...I need to write a long long paper on where I want to live for geography ... I know where I want to live, but I have to have reasons WHY I want to live where I want to live. Anyways, I've brainstormed A LOT of reasons, but I think I need somemore on, -the geographical location ... -environment and society... -human systems (something on health would be useful) -physical systems and yeah........................for those who actually live there, what do you like about it? please something more than just that it's pretty oh and does Lebanon have a lot of any resources like oil or something like that? Aussie I adooooreeee you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I BE anymore thankful?
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Avila Avila | 5 days ago
From its' incredible breathtaking natural beauty with beautiful Mediterranean shores , coastal escarpments , fertile valleys to the snow capped mountains ... the amazing hospitality of the people ....the historical sites ...the fantastic cuisine ! There are not enough adjectives to do this tiny country justice! Located on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean & sharing borders with Syria to the north & east & Israel to the south , this amazing little country has withstood numerous invasions over the centuries & nothing has crushed the independent spirit of its' resilient people.. It's main resources apart from its' people are the fertile Bekaah Valley , the numerous historical sites that date back thousands of years & are a main attraction for tourism & its' abundant water supply. The standard of education is extremely high ...children are educated in 3 languages , Arabic , French & English & are encouraged to attain tertiary qualifications ... The health system , while of a high standard , is basicly a private system & health insurance doesn't cover all situations. Basic public infrastructure & utilities are run down due to years of conflict ...badly in need of major capital works to ensure things like a continuous power supply , road maintenance & provision of basic health services ... In spite of all of that , Lebanon is the most AMAZING country....once visited , she leaves a permanent impression on your heart & soul ! edit..okay, so SOMEONE disagrees with me !
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Abigale Abigale
Nothing really. Not even the climate. IT is damn hot in summer. If Lebanon was a good place to live in , we wouldnt have 15 million Lebanese all over the world. They will say naturally beauty.Well every country has natural beauty.And btw the natural beauty in Lebanon is no longer there. Governments do not care and anyone can go and rip a tree off. We have rolling blackouts, corruption is a trait of lebanon as well. Instable political system,racism, and no security what so ever. Lebanon is a state of failure actually controlled by militias.Service to the people is null. The Lebanese get paid very low although the prices are very high and the inflation rate is high. Lebanese armed forces are incapable of defending itself. Roads are not clean.People often suffer from water shortage although we have alot of rivers. The water from the rivers is not being used and goes straight to the sea. The government thinks that we do not need this water and that fish need it more I assume,who knows. There is no social welfare and no pension and by the time I hit the age of 64 I must retire and I AM NOT allowed to work anymore and I do not even get pension.SO at the age of 64 I must either live with my children andd if I dont have any then I shall live on the street or ask militias for help. Yea so that is Lebanon mainly.
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Stirling Stirling
does olive oil counts? :P lebanon is a good place to live in.but their is some very fiew things that we have to fix ex: the traffic, crasy taxi drivers, roads, hight prices, job opportunities, politics that does not steal you, people who does not talk politics... other wise it is fantastic ah yea and we have water looool i love lebanon but lebanon deos not like us at all
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