Do You Like Where You Live?. What Makes It Suck?

Do You Like Where You Live?. What Makes It Suck? Topic: Poop homework
June 16, 2019 / By Mackenzie
Question: For Me: No, I Hate Where I Live. School, Homework, Poop Heads And Ignorance Makes My Town Suck. LOL >__< What About You? :]
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Jehoiachin Jehoiachin | 1 day ago
I like it here. I live in a small town in South Africa, about 50,000 people max. Its a very friendly town, the type of place where people from all backgrounds live and you will meet someone you know when you walk down the road and usually shop keepers will recignize you, etc. I do like it but the one thing I hate is the crime. Unfortunately the crime can get bad here. Recently a girl from the university here was taken off and raped by three guys, so its not safe really to walk around alone at night. Also there have been a few murders and stabbings during robberies. But considering all the places I've ever lived in my life, I would rate it 6.5/10
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From its' incredible breathtaking natural beauty with beautiful Mediterranean shores , coastal escarpments , fertile valleys to the snow capped mountains ... the amazing hospitality of the people ....the historical sites ...the fantastic cuisine ! There are not enough adjectives to do this tiny country justice! Located on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean & sharing borders with Syria to the north & east & Israel to the south , this amazing little country has withstood numerous invasions over the centuries & nothing has crushed the independent spirit of its' resilient people.. It's main resources apart from its' people are the fertile Bekaah Valley , the numerous historical sites that date back thousands of years & are a main attraction for tourism & its' abundant water supply. The standard of education is extremely high ...children are educated in 3 languages , Arabic , French & English & are encouraged to attain tertiary qualifications ... The health system , while of a high standard , is basicly a private system & health insurance doesn't cover all situations. Basic public infrastructure & utilities are run down due to years of conflict ...badly in need of major capital works to ensure things like a continuous power supply , road maintenance & provision of basic health services ... In spite of all of that , Lebanon is the most AMAZING country....once visited , she leaves a permanent impression on your heart & soul ! edit..okay, so SOMEONE disagrees with me !

Gay Gay
I don't like where I live and I'm glad I'm moving in 10 days. It's so hard to get a good paying job, school system sucks, the people are rude, crazy drivers, and it gets way too hot like 10 months out of the year. I won't be missing this place at all.
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Dewey Dewey
I live in fort collins, colorado. I like it better than Pueblo, which is a ghetto town with alot of drugs and crime. I still dont like it that much because of the: huge abundance of college kids (its a college party town), the traffic (it's always congested and theres a couple of trains that stop traffic during day time), the rich spoiled kids.
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Betuel Betuel
I live in the country so it's boring. Especially on Sunday when everything closes early. We don't have a mall, wal-mart or anything.We have to travel abut 20-30 mins to get to more stores. Lots of liquor stores,some strip malls and places to eat. Boring most of the time.
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Abnar Abnar
O___X well i live an hour from civilization. the only kids my age here are strange farm kids who bark at me when i go by. no joke ._. this one girl actually did do a howly bark type thing when i biked past her. there aren't even buses that go out here. so i have to sit in the car for 2 hours everyday listening to my dad ramble about electricity & why we get sleepy after eating, and when i turn up my ipod he gets insulted O.o
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