I'm have a b-day party, but what should I do?

I'm have a b-day party, but what should I do? Topic: How to write a mystery movie
June 16, 2019 / By Harcourt
Question: I'm 14 and I'm turning 15 soon, and I have no clue what to do... I'm inviting about 8 girls over for a sleepover, but I need a theme. I've already had themes like hawiian, movie, superstars, princesses, you name it, I've almost done it all. And I don't want to have a mystery party until I'm older and more organized. Help!
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Ehud Ehud | 1 day ago
How about the theme be about TV game shows that you would like to see? For example, a new version of Hollywood Squares, only for midgets. Gary Coleman could host. Form a Sailor Chain and work it, while whistling, "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!" Discuss the disappearance of Newman from all television since the end of the Seinfeld show away back in the year 1998aD. Have a Sopranos theme. Angle: Write an alternative series' finale, where Tony, then Carmella, then the kids all convert to the Jehovah Witnesses.
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I don't blame you... I've gone to dinner parties for a friends birthday and they've invited me, and I've always offered to pay for them. Unless you live in Europe where its custom for the b-day guy/gal to pay for the b-day meals at a dinner party, the only other thing I can think of to do is to have a close friend of everyone "Invite" everyone instead of doing it yourself. Or try http://www.e-vites.com Or go to a buffet... where everyone pays up front! But buffets are so tacky. Good luck!
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Just tell them nicely that your having everyone meet you at the restaurant of choice to celebrate your birthday. Then put in the invitation that the menu is open, letting them know if you come you pay!
Ehud Originally Answered: How do you party?
Are you kidding? Your friends should be paying for YOUR night out. Whenever me and myfriends have birthday dinners, everyone chips in to pay for the birthday person and their own meal. Your friends must suck if they expect you to pay for them. A party at your house would be different.

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