Need advice on what I should do? (Long question, but really need advice)?

Need advice on what I should do? (Long question, but really need advice)? Topic: Law personal statement
June 16, 2019 / By Derry
Question: This is a little long so I'll appreciate anyone who decides to read the entire question. I am about to graduate with a B.S. in psychology. However, I have no interest in psychology anymore and I know I don't want to pursue graduate school. I am also well aware that it will be nearly impossible for me to find a good job with just a B.S. in psychology. So I have been planning to go to law school the past 6 months. I've taken the LSAT (got an average score of a 155) and I know I can get into an average school with my GPA. But the thing is I've been writing my personal statement, and when I think about the reasons I want to go to law school I'm completely stumped. I'm starting to realize that I don't really want to go to law school, I'm just pursuing it because I think it is a way I can get a job, not because I have a passion for it. So I'm at a crossroads now. I know I'm going to have to go back to school, because I want to have a respectable job when I grow up. I really don't think I should go to law school, because the fact that I'm doubting whether or not I want to go now means I will probably hate it when I get there. So I'm thinking about going back and getting a degree in computer or mechanical engineering. I have always loved technology and I really want to focus on something related to robots or artificial intelligence. I know it will be incredibly hard because I don't really have a solid background in math. We had to take 3 different statistics courses for my psych degree, and although I received an A in all 3, I am well aware that the math I will encounter in my engineering classes will be much more difficult. So I guess my question is this. Given what I have said, would you think it wise of me to not pursue law school? Is it a realistic goal to want to work with robots and artificial intelligence?
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Bennie Bennie | 10 days ago
Sounds like you're not wanting to go to law school, so you probably shouldn't. With your LSAT at 155, it doesn't sound like you'd especially excel. As for what you should do, if you really like robots, etc. it could probably work.
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