I'm applying for a job, help?

I'm applying for a job, help? Topic: Cover letter for retail company
June 25, 2019 / By Autumn
Question: Please help me complete this sentence that I'm writing on my cover letter. I'm applying for a job in a retail store as sales associate. ...and working in a place that I like will _______________________________. I'm want to say something like, will make me achieve great results, make the company reach its goals, or deliver the best to the customer, something like that, but I want it to sound professional. Thanks :)
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Virgee Virgee | 10 days ago
Scratch the first half of the sentence. When applying for a job you need to make it about the company and why it will be good for the company to hire you, not why it's good for you. The "...in a place that I like..." makes it about you, not the company (no matter how you finish that sentence, you are the primary subject.
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Virgee Originally Answered: Applying For First Job?
number 1... McDonald's wont need a resume. Simply go to McDonald's and ask for an application- sometimes they have them sitting out so you don't even have to ask. Once you've filled out the application take it back in to the store and hand it in. Give it a couple days for someone to call you back, if you don't hear from them give them a call and simple say you wanted to check on the status of your application. It looks especially good because it shows your really interested in the job. They will schedule a time for you to come in for an interview. Don't stress out about the interview it's usually very simple -- especially with places like McDonald's-- they'll ask you about any hobbies or any scheduling conflict you would have for work and hours you'd be available-- at the interview you can explain you are home schooled and they will be able to tell you were to pick up a working permit (or you can call a government office that's local such as a job and family services.) In Ohio its required that you also have a physical-- just explain to the person doing the interview you don't have a working permit yet-- they will surely understand. Be confident and just RELAX. McDonald's and places of the like are always looking for "smiling faces" good luck!

Shanice Shanice
Instead of "...and working in a place that I like will _______________________________." Make it "Having an employee that enjoys his job will help (the business) maintain its excellent customer service." Or something like that.
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Shanice Originally Answered: Anyone have any tips for applying for my first job?
Ask for the manager, if they're not there come back later. Hand it to the manager, tell them when you're available, and shake their hand and say "have a good day" with a smile. Best you can do, good luck
Shanice Originally Answered: Anyone have any tips for applying for my first job?
Wear a nice shirt and nice pants (polo and khakis is fine) Make sure you are very polite and friendly with whoever you speak with. It shouldn't matter who you talk to, they will either take the application for you or they will call their manager over. Simply say, "Hello my name is ____, and I filled out an application."

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