Would you rather read long chapters or lots of short ones?

Would you rather read long chapters or lots of short ones? Topic: How to write a three page short story
June 16, 2019 / By Roxanne
Question: i'm writing a story with lots of different Point of views, so far i have been writing chapters that are about three to five pages long some smaller some longer for each person, i am about half way through and i have forty five chapters, a friend suggested adding a few POV's into a chapter so i have longer and less chapters, but it would make them around ten to fifteen pages. what do you think? short chapters or long one? i started off with three POV's but i found that some of my minor characters were becoming more like main characters so i added two more. bringing me to five POV's which i think is ok. ive read a few with way more than that and it got confusing but i hope five is ok
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Naomi Naomi | 3 days ago
I prefer shorter chapters because it helps you to be able to better fully digest a scene. If chapters are really long and drawn out readers tend to put the book down for a while or lose interest, perhaps skipping a few pages to see how the situation will be resolved. Short chapters means a quick pace. Long chapters mean a slower pace. Keep in mind that 3-5 Word pages is not equal to 3-5 book pages. A book page is about 250 words. As for multiple POVs, my advice is to not use too many (I wouldn't do more than 4/5 tops). Readers can get really frustrated when they become attached to a certain character and then they end up only being 1/10 or 1/20 of the book and they have to slog through all these other characters they don't like as much to get back to their story. It also makes each characters' story totally lose steam when it just leaves off and then takes chapters and chapters to get back to. Multiple POVs also tend to break up a story and make it a lot harder to keep focus. It's a hard style to pull off unless you're a very experienced professional.
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Naomi Originally Answered: Must a short story have chapters?
No, not at all if you don't want it to. Hemmingway wrote a short story of about 200-300 words called The Quay, taking up less than a page in a book of his short stories. In journalism, sometimes we break up the copy by putting in sub headers, a sort of new chapter. In an old history book I'm currently reading, the chapter is broken up into thesis sections, giving the reader a heads-up of what he'll find in that chapter. As a writer, you have control of your creation. 5k words is a hefty class assignment, but if you're a good storytteller it goes by fast. When I write newspaper stories, I'm usually tasked to about 300 words and end up with a thousand. In short, you nailed it: personal preference. I'm a creative writing major and I graduated with honors, and I make a living writing. I say it's okay.

Lorinda Lorinda
What do you mean by different POV? Do you mean different people/character telling/showing the story from their side? For me, it doesn't matter if the chapters are long or short, it just had to add something important to the story. If the story is about a war between two tribes and then there is a chapter about a horse that is just eating grass; that chapter would be a ********. Be careful with, having two many characters telling the story though. Having lots of character telling the story is difficult. Its quite easy to be 'lost' with the story getting out of hand. Even the most experienced writer finding working with large number of 'views' quite daunting. One or two is quite enough for most novels.Sherlock Holmes' stories are all told by Dr. Watson, for example. There is really no chapter where we are looking at the story through Holmes' eyes even when the story is about him working on the cases. But still the story works well. Which also means that the POV character doesn't need to be the main character. It just have to be the person who is able to tell the story best.
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Katherine Katherine
It does not matter, how long the chapter is. How beautifully/meaningfully you expressed your views in that, is what matters. I accept that too much details makes the readers bored. but less/ inadequate details makes readers less interested in what ever is being told. So, my kind advice to you is, go through each and every line once you have finished writing. more than one proof reading helps you to understand whether your writing has the potential to grab the readers attention. All the best.
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Helene Helene
I'd have middling-ly (Sorry not a word) long chapters- 6-12 pages. I think thats short enough that it wouldn't drag but not so short that detail is compromised.
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Dulcie Dulcie
I prefer short chapters because i'm a bit of a slow reader and it takes me 20mins to read a chapter with 10 pages long so I usually wonder if i have enough time to read the next chapter because I like reading in the car or when I'm waiting and if I don't think I have enough time I'll just end on the chapter I'm on so I don't have to try and get into the chapter again if I didn't finish it. I feel it's more useful if I know I have the time to read it and also will be more willing to.
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Dulcie Originally Answered: The chapters in my chapter book are to short?
Honestly, I wouldn't freak out too much about it. It's up to you how long your chapters are. I've read books where all the chapters are two or three pages long, and I've also read books where they're 30. I've also read some one-paragraph chapters, too. Don't worry - after all, it's YOUR story, and there are no set rules to how long the chapters have to be. If you feel personally that they are too short, then go ahead and combine a few. It's completely up to you what you think is right for your story.

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