What makes a good speech?

What makes a good speech? Topic: How to write a speech to persuade ideas
June 16, 2019 / By Patti
Question: I am running for head of primary but i dont know how to write a speech to get the teachers to choose me! Soo, please help me and give me ideas! Thank you for those who anwsered! I already know the best anwser i am going to choose!!
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Margot Margot | 7 days ago
A good speech has to have three things, in my opinion. First, it has to have relevance to the purpose, In other words, WHY are you giving a speech? What is it that people expect to know at the end of it? Second, it has to be delivered with a sense of confidence and integrity. Will people really believe what you say? It must have facts to back it up. It must be concise and short enough to not bore the listeners but long enough to be convincing that you know what you are talking about. Finally a speaker has to deliver a speech with personality. I think a sense of humor is important. Your "essence" must shine through. People must WANT to hear what you have to say. They must be informed, persuaded, and entertained at the same time. Hope that helps. Martha
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Do you have a customer service or sales related job (or maybe just like to shop a lot, lol)? You could tie your experiences to a topic on effective communication skills needed for making a customer happy. Or maybe write on how the Web has changed the way we communicate.
Margot Originally Answered: Good topic for speech i have in a career communications speech class?
in the journey that your Professor did no longer %. a particular subject depend, then meaning that he needs YOU to %. what you want to speak approximately! it particularly is a gadget that the teachers use to hold out the final in what their pupils could say. %. something that interests you, something which you're obsessed with, and initiate writing outlines and backing up your data. you may desire to write approximately what the advantages are to a vegetarian weight-help plan, as an occasion. stable success, and take care.

Kizzy Kizzy
i would so say be interesting funny don't look nervous, even if you are. have the right amount of talking time, no likes a 30 second speech and no one likes a half hour speech
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Jarona Jarona
-State your opinion. -find a topic you are passionate about- try to stay away from abortion though I doubt you will have enough time to fully cover every thing you would want to say. eye contact eye contact eye contact! -breath -smile -have fun
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It is a good quality speech, but I feel like you are just throwing facts at me, which caused your paper to lose my attention. In order for this to not happen to whoever you're giving this speech to, I think you should lose some facts and try and incorporate something fun while being informative. It's also about how you deliver it, so as long as you practice and don't be shy/monatone, you should do great!

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