Would I get money to help for my study when I move from US to France?

Would I get money to help for my study when I move from US to France? Topic: Summer job cover letter
July 21, 2019 / By Reg
Question: I know France helps its French citizens with money for their study. But would I get help too? I'm currently living in the United States and I will go to school in France to study French at University...(my French isn't good at all.) I will be moving for good here...it isn't just for the study. It's for life as I see it. -- I already have a roommate. And when I finally arrive in France I will move in and the next morning I plan to look for a job...I am supporting myself fully ...and go to school to learn French. In Grenoble to be exact. *and for anyone who knows... Will I be tested on anything? Perhaps French to see where my level is at. What about basic math? Or other? *how do I "legally" become a French citizen? Where do I go exactly... what do I do... what important papers,..etc... do I need to have on me? You're my only hope to find out this. I couldn't thank who ever helps me enough... Bless.
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Maynerd Maynerd | 6 days ago
before being accepted into any school to study french? you will have to show financial proof to the consulate,and not just for a month; as far as loans? you will not be able to apply for them. work? please make sure you abide by the laws of students,and until your french is good enough? do not expect a job,jobs are hard to come by nowadays,(plus summer jobs)all students are doing part-time jobs. you must have been accepted by a school (Campus France inscription) before applying for a student visa. you cannot be a student and pay on a monthly basis,while supporting yourself , you must prove a 600.00$ per month for the whole duration of your study,if anyone is paying for your studies? you will have to have solid proof of this person doing so,notarized letter,phone number and bank statements.(and the relationship with this person) you will need to also have a letter from the person where you are going to stay,he will need to go to his (mairie)city hall,to apply.(attested) insurance(medical) for the minimum of 45.000$ covering any medical bills. cannot think of anything else right this minute, hope this answer some of your question. here is the link of the consulate of France with students visa requirements: http://www.consulfrance-newyork.org/spip...
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I agree with you: It's much easier to make friends in a new city if you're going to school there. You will have classmates of all new people, and you'll make friends easily as you study together. I don't think your worry about money [everybody's poor when they're going to school] or about the language [there's no better way to learn a language than by IMMERSION] should be problems. Good luck!
Maynerd Originally Answered: Future plans.should i move to France?
A close friend of mine from high school (an American) moved to France years ago to start a travel business and while it was hard at first, he absolutely loves his life and swears it is way better than our standard of living in the US. Also, for fashion design, Paris and Milan, Italy are the places to be. Go for it.

Joey Joey
Look on the University of Grenoble website for information on admissions requirements, language exams, etc http://www.ujf-grenoble.fr/37654972/1/fiche___pagelibre/ As a foreign student you are not entitled to any sort of financial aid in France to help pay for your studies - you have to show you have enough income in the bank to finance your studies and living expenses for the entire time in order to get a student visa. So you would need to apply for a student loan in the US, or try to find a scholarship in the US that would finance your overseas studies After you graduate from a French university, if you can find a company willing to sponsor you for employment in France, you can then apply for French citizenship 2 years after receiving your degree.
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great that you are selv tought / taught :) let me start with telling you that the best you can do is not go to paris , yes some years ago everybody had to go to paris , but just because you spend time in paris it will not make you a painter . also the art Academy in Paris is very difficult to get in , so you would end up at some second rate private school that live of young hope-full people that want to learn to paint in paris so i would suggest drop Paris , but if you still insist , write all the things you would like to google use google translate ( to french ) and you will find lots of schools they will expect that you will speak french . the best thing to do is , work for your self and make a plan how to get respect , or take a art school in the US first
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Since you ask this kind of dull query, I can truthfully say that you're both incredibly constructive or incredibly dull. Personally, I feel it is the latter. And in the event you do have any good fortune with the French females (no offence meant to anybody) it is going to so much almost always be a hooker. Sorry however from what you published right here and now it suggests that you do not care approximately them. Thus, they may not care approximately you; most effective your cash. Get a existence!

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