High schoolers, what makes a good teacher or what don't you like about your teachers?

High schoolers, what makes a good teacher or what don't you like about your teachers? Topic: What homework can a teacher give
July 20, 2019 / By Kingsley
Question: Hello. I'm 22-years-old and currently attending college in order to become a high school English teacher. Could you give me some advice from your viewpoint, please? What makes a teacher good in your opinion? What don't you like about teachers? Thank you and best of luck with school.
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Humphry Humphry | 7 days ago
Oh god, don't get me started. What I like: You care about your students You have a genuine passion for your job You're realistic and straightforward You can joke around You're level-headed You're understanding (Realize there are students who're habitual slackers, or try but still can't understand. Every student is different.) You're not a goody two-shoes (Of course follow the rules just don't follow them like your life depends on it) Be open-minded and be open to criticism. (I've never actually had a teacher who asked the class on their opinions of their teachings. I'd imagine it'd be great if not only is it a lighthearted discussion, but can also go to a serious one when the criticism is actually constructive) You introduce me to something new. (Not just new information like "this is how an eighth note looks like", but rather opening my eyes. That cheesy stuff in movies. Profound things and whatnot.) You actually know what you're talking about You don't assign meaningless crap I actually learned something What I don't like: You don't know jack Your flaws get in the way of your teachings and you don't see it You can't accept the fact that you've made a mistake. (A good amount of teachers don't do this since they feel the student is below them or cannot possibly know more than them, so they deny it when a student points their mistake out.) Hypocritical teachers Unreasonable teachers Basically anyone incompetent (All I ask for is common sense and a leveled head. Is it too much?!) You're biased. (I hate it even more if you don't see it.) You don't care about your students (Don't be that teacher who drops 10 pounds of homework and looks at their phone all day. Please.) The classroom is a place to teach not a place to rant Don't go off topic so often that it becomes your lesson. Especially if you're talking about something no one wants to discuss. You're make redundant requests like asking for a digital copy and hard copy. You're boring (This is subjective but things like having a monotone voice, or constant slide shows that talk about a magical donkey for 10 minutes. Magical donkey = specific part of topic being learned.) You generalize your students and make no effort to know them personally (Just a little...) Short-tempered You're too easygoing to the point where those who work hard and those who hardly work are the same people. (Sure the class is easy, but I'd like to learn please.) Meaningless and repetitive work You treat meaningless and repetitive work as if it's important I don't learn anything It's the balance between fun and serious, strict and easygoing, all that stuff. Watch "Dead Poets Society" or some other film focused on great teachers... or bad ones. You bothered to ask this question so clearly you're doing something right. I know high school students can be terrible little crapheads, as I go to a building full of them myself so good luck.
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Humphry Originally Answered: To American High Schoolers: What are some things I should do to prepare for high school?
If it's for academics, I suggest you listen, take notes, study those notes, and do your homework; don't turn in anything late. I had honors english and it was super easy, so you shouldn't worry. Do your absolute best, nothing less, cause these years are when your grades count the MOST! Ask questions if you need, too and don't be afraid to answer a class question. Even if you get it wrong, you will atleast learn the correct answer and how to get it. I did all of this, except for study because I can remember a lot of things and we went over it a lot in class, and got all As first semester and 2 As and 2 Bs second semester. Good luck!

Erroll Erroll
Well, I have this really awesome science teacher right now. What makes her super cool is that she is always happy an enthusiastic, but not in a fake way like another one of my teachers. She crafts an individual connection with every student and she adjust her personality to fit the student she is interacting with. Even when we are stuck she is always there to cheer us on and she's always telling us we've done a great job when we turn in work. She's really really amazing. Now onto my least favorite teacher...she's my English teacher. This teacher wastes a LOT of time talking about off-topic things, always acts ingenuinely happy, calls me by a nickname I never agreed to nor like, has unreasonably low expectations (so I take compliments with a grain of salt). If we ever point out a fault of mistake she's made she gets super defensive and acts like we, the students, are the ones who were wrong. She acts like she knows more than she does and doesn't understand the words quality education.
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Confucius Confucius
I love it when a teacher is happy to help students and is always willing to set up times to specifically meet with students (for example, to help the students improve their essays.) Being willing to help students is the most important thing, in my opinion. It is also nice when an English teacher tells his or her students about an assignment further in advance than two or three days. I always like to have ample time to work on an essay. Having open discussions in class is always fun and allows students to hear the opinions of their peers. As an English teacher, you will probably give quizzes on books. If you are quizzing students to check to see if they read the required reading for homework, please do not include nitpicky questions with details that nobody would remember. Pick questions that will appropriately asses if a student read, but don't frustrate the students who did the required reading but who still can't remember a minor detail. Good luck! Teaching is important, and I'm glad you are putting in the effort to be the best teacher you can be.
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Arin Arin
Patience is a big one in my opinion. You can't be a teacher unless your willing to sit down with a student and explain something 10 different ways before they understand it, AND not become frustrated with them in the process. Also, insightfulness. To be a good teacher you have to ask the right questions. Its all well and good to give a lecture, but its better to engage the class and ask them questions that challenge them.
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Trudy Trudy
Honestly the teachers I connect most with are the ones that make time to see you before/after/during school and try to make conversation with me. The thing I don t like about teachers is when they try to be your friend first then your teacher and it doesn t work and makes everything awkward. So just remember that you are first and foremost their teacher.
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Sandie Sandie
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Sandie Originally Answered: Do you think they give high schoolers too much homework?
Are you thinking that it's going to get lighter in college? Hint - it's not. Not by a longshot. I have a lot of great memories from college, but none of them include a full night of sleep. Honestly, you chose the honors classes for a reason...because you want something more than average out of life. Well, the way you get that is by putting in the work. What you're doing now, even though it cuts into your free time, will serve you well later in life. And honestly, that really isn't that much. In my honors courses (way back in the dark ages - the late 80s), I would have had that long of an assignment given on Monday, due on Wednesday or Thursday. In my AP Lit, I had a novel, 2-3 plays or long poetry selections, 200 pages of a novel such as War and Peace, every week...on top of a paper, a movie critique, and two essay tests. That was one class. My AP History, I had one or two 30-40 page chapters to outline and prepare (we each taught a section of the lesson in discussion format), a paper, an essay test, and fairly complicated mapwork - plus outside reading - every week. However, I was in classes with kids who actually wanted to learn, I got out of college classes by being a TA, and I received several perks for my work. Looking back, it was worth it. No, high schoolers should not be given less homework. This is when you get your first taste of adult life. Are you going to tell your boss, years down the road, that you think your presentation or report shouldn't have to be as detailed as they require? If you don't learn to do the work now, you won't be able to do it later...and you'll be stuck with a life of never being able to accomplish what you want to.

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