How do I publish a book?

How do I publish a book? Topic: Ideas on how to write a book review
June 17, 2019 / By Jaki
Question: I am currently writing an adult oriented novel (suspense mostly) that I believe is very, very good. I have had numerous people that I do and don't know review a sample of it and they are consistently asking me to finish it and they nearly all told me to publish it. How do I go about doing this?
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Enola Enola | 1 day ago
Finish writing your book (obvious, I know). Type it in proper manuscript form (http://www.neverend.com/msformat.htm has the details on what is needed). Edit it many, many times to make it as good as it can be. Put it in a drawer, and don't even think about it, for a month or two, then take it out and do more editing. Don't try to say "It's perfect. It does not need editing." Yes, it does. Get it proofread by someone who knows what they are doing (do not rely just on spellcheck). There are a tiny number of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts (those that don't go through a literary agent), so getting an agent is a really good idea. When your book is edited and polished, come back here and ask about how to get an agent. You can also use the search-bar at the top of this page and ask. It's a popular question.
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Enola Originally Answered: How do you publish a book?
Step 1 - Finish your writing Step 2 - Find publishers, look up the Writer's Marketplace at your library to find them Step 3 - Submit a query letter, include a sample, ask if they would like to see more Step 4 - Submit 100 letters Step 5 - Get rejected alot, then keep sending those letters Step 6 - Receive a positive response then get published :) Agents are only there to help negotiate deals, like contracts with publishers, tour dates, movie rights. They don't help authors get published for the first time, you're on your own. If any agent claims to do so at a fee, it's a scam. The slush pile is a pile of submitted manuscripts publishers will keep if they need to publish something and they don't have anything better. It's a reserve, something to use just in case. You want to avoid the slush pile so make sure your letter stands out. Also, don't fall for all those self-publishing scams. You have to pay for everything, do all the work, and major bookstores don't carry self-published books. Just keep at it and you will be published. Good luck :)

Cilla Cilla
Firstly, edit, edit, and re-edit. Then craft a query letter. You will then need to find a reputable agent (do a lot of research on which agent has good reviews, and if the deal with suspense type novels). Then send your query letter to them, and hope that one takes you on.
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Azure Azure
http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=Ap0Y... I searched "how to publish a book" and look what I found. It's amazing what a search bar can do.
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Azure Originally Answered: How to publish a book?
I totally understand where you are coming from. There are lots of writers out there that are not getting the kind of recognition they deserve because number one, they do not know where to turn to to get their stories across and number two, not everybody has the same level of thinking that they have - which of course results to them turning the book down. Writers like you have every potential to get started on a publishing career. If you are looking for self-publishing companies to publish your book, I know of a few companies that practically holds court to everything a book needs from getting you your copyright, size preferences, book cover design customization, layout consultation, copyediting and even marketing – at affordable costs. Publishing companies now have all the resources to publish books with the same productivity and efficacy as that of regular black and white books you see in physical bookstores. Considering the fact that most books are in full color, you should choose a publishing company whose book’s are of the highest quality, bar none.

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