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July 21, 2019 / By Neely
Question: Hello , maybe i will move to france for 1 school year in a Boarding School , how is the cots of life in France ... , i find boarding schools in 3 cities : Maisons-Laffitte , paris Aix-en-Provence Bordeaux do you think that's a good idea ? , im from spain and i know a little bit of english and i can learn french the classes are in english so i can improve my english and i can learn but mostly of the people are from france , like people 60% of the poeple ... , how is the cost of life in this 3 cities ? .. if you just know 1 city its okay .... someone know how to traduce this Question in french ? sorry for my english thanks a lot ! =)
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Kian Kian | 4 days ago
As a foreign student living in paris I could only help you about the Maisons-Lafitte question. As a non Citizen of EU countries, I have to obtain a special visa and residence permit to study and live here, and provide solid evidence that I will be able to pay for their upkeep, board and lodgings during my studies and bear any other expenses they may have to incur like buying necessary text books, transport, etc...For this visa I need to have at least 500€ in my bank account EVERY month at least. But as youa re Spanish it is probably different. We are allowed to get a job to support ourselves (20hours/week), but, in any case, the job situation in France is dire with many applicants for very few jobs and these have to be given to EU and French citizens first before any other nationality. Anyway here is overall the daily cost I need to face even if you will be in boarding school, just count out what you need: - around 800€ rent for a flat in paris or near suburbs. It counts in the rent + electricity bill monthly - 30€ for internet monthly - 60€ for food monthly - 25€ cellphone bill monthly - around 32€ monthly for subway (more if you live in suburbs) This is all I can think of for now..anyway the priciest is the living and the eating of course
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