How could i study in spain?

How could i study in spain? Topic: Agency case studies
July 16, 2019 / By Toria
Question: n maybe also working??? itz a so beautiful country, i wanna live there, do u know any ideas how to do it?
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Rylee Rylee | 7 days ago
it depends on how old you are, then you can chose the best option for you. If you are in college and you want to do an exchange program the best option is to contact with your college administration and they'll tell you what are the right programs for students. A lot of universities have exchange programs, you just to need the one that it's best for you. If you are a high schooler, you should contact an exchange program agency. I was a foreign exchange student from Spain and I went with EF, they do the same (i mean, if you are from the US you can find a program to go to Spain as a foreign exchange student). Also, if your case it's none of the above, you could contact EF or any other agency similar to it, there are a lot. For working in Spain it depends on the kind of visa you have, they'll know this better than I do in the Spanish embassy. Anyway, if you want to visit, the EF page is: www.ef.com and the Spanish Ambassy in the states: http://www.mae.es/Embajadas/Washington/en/Home/ Good luck! ;)
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Rylee Originally Answered: Anyone here from Torrevieja Spain?
Start by getting a grip, six years study and you are only basic, you are idle, no wonder you have had crap jobs. learning is fun ,you are in the place to learn real spanish as it is spoken, use the advantage. you could be in England learning to speak book spanish ,working to put yourself through uni, doing a crap job. my advice would be get a job were you deal with the public,on a daily basis, see how fast your language skills will improve, speaking and writing in the preffered language of your employer is an advantage ,especially since english is your mother tongue. this to can be a distinct advantage ,especially in the tourist industry, the commerce, or international companies that operate in your area, think about what you have already got to offer, stress the importance of continuing any educational courses you have started, sell yourself, if you cannot who can, good luck ,and do get off your butt. regards LF
Rylee Originally Answered: Anyone here from Torrevieja Spain?
I'm not from spanish but if you look at Ur page where your question is posted keep scrolling down to the very bottom and it says answers international there is a little icon for Spain , so you can post this question from people that actually from Spain, hope this helps and if you need help in posting your question just let me know , I'm fluent in spanish , so Ciao good luck

Nerine Nerine
There are university programs where you study abroad and you could spend 4 months in Spain. If you are still in highschool, then I'm sure there is some sort of foster family program offered, there are many highschools that have it. Spain is beautiful...Good luck!!!
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You can take community college classes without going for a degree. I know somebody that just takes one class a semester, and she can take whatever she wants (you do have to be of a certain level reading and writing to take regular courses). You can do reading on psychological websites, or even take out the psychology textbooks that interest you from the library. Abnormal psychology is a pretty cool course, but if you take it in a community college, you have to take Psych 101 first, which is good, you understand Abnormal much better that way.
Nerine Originally Answered: Where could I study Behavioral/Psychological Profiling without attending 2/4 year college or home study?
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