Kinds vs. Species. Microevolution vs Macroevolution. Historical Science vs. Observable Science. Bullshit?

Kinds vs. Species. Microevolution vs Macroevolution. Historical Science vs. Observable Science. Bullshit? Topic: Case statement in word macro
June 16, 2019 / By Garth
Question: I have never seen terms like this being used in real, empirical, unbiased science (aside from species). Is this some pathetic attempt by creationists to convince us that their dogmatic faith has scientific basis? I know macroevolution and microevolution are sometimes used, but I'm talking about creationists saying that one is true and one is false (when both are true) @A B E L "no transitional fossils have ever been found, and properly identified as such" have you been living under a rock for all these years? http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/List_of_tra... http://www.livescience.com/3306-fossils-... @NDMA What propaganda? What fraud, what errors? What are you talking about?
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Devil Devil | 10 days ago
It's an attempt to convince us that the debate between Evolution and creationism is a battle between worldviews, whereby the creationists have the same evidence and interpret differently. It's an attempt to reduce evolution to a dogma underlying the religion of materialism, and thus demonstrate the same dogmatic bias toward evolution that fundamentalists have toward creationism. Doing so renders both ideas equally valid, though unfortunately for them, equally invalid as well. Rather than actually science-ing some things, they can only say they disagree with the science-ing done by actual scientists. It's like they don't get that by claiming equal bias, they tacitly admit that they could be wrong, whilst steadfastly insisting that they can't be wrong. @A B el (I'm not putting all those spaces in there...Even if typing this takes more time and space than doing so would have) Let's be clear, your understanding of evolution (as made clear by your statements, not taken out of context) is that evolution involves an animal changing from one member of a classification higher than the species level, to a completely different one. According to you, evolution can only be said to have happened if something changes from say, one Family, to another ( I use family because Ken Ham identifies this as being what the term "Kind" means). Notice that Family is higher than Species. Evolution is seen as speciation, not famil...iation...I guess. Speciation is the level at which family changes occur as well as all higher than species-level classifications, and thus is the level at which evolution is most clearly noted. It's like if I showed you a dog that DID turn into say, a cat, and you saying that's not evolution, because they're both still mammals, or if a dog turned into a lizard, and you said it's not evolution, because they're both still vertebrate animals, or if a dog turned into an octopus, and you saying it's not evolution because they're both still animals. Or, to be completely crazy, and hopefully obvious, if a dog turned into a multicellular bacteria, and you saying it's not evolution because they're both still eukariotic (multicellular) organisms. Hell, lets go all the way: If a Dog turned into an amoeba, a single celled organism, or vice versa (in all cases), and you denied that it was evolution because they are both still technically alive. Yes, your argument is every bit as absurd. You assign arbitrary and ignorant rules to a process that has very defined and *observed* rules, as though there are not people who understand these things, and can tell you otherwise. You redefine the word Species to mean something broader and more inclusive (ie. family, class, order, kingdom-- any of the other higher than species level changes that require many individual instances of speciation to achieve) and insist that actual speciation is not such. You then go on to insist that no transitional forms have been found and documented, although literally any fossil one finds IS a transitional form, no exceptions, in quite the same way that if I saw your skeleton in between the skeletons of your father and son, YOU would represent the transition between the other two. Not to mention that that statement, however you interpret it, requires a .02 second google search to debunk. Furthermore, as has been stated, the difference between micro and macro evolution is negligible to science, not to mention that micro evolution would be equally as impossible as you think macro evolution to be, if in fact macro evolution weren't possible. Finally, speciation HAS been observed, and even many creationists won't deny that anymore.
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Berry Berry
With creationists, it's pretty funny. They go into all of these crazy rants about how macroevolution/the big bang aren't true because we haven't observed either of the two, although. We HAVE observed everything in the universe is moving away from us - thus it is expanding outward. Rewind the clock and it must have started a a single point. We HAVE observed micro evolution --> which LEADS to MACRO evolution, we have loads and loads of evidence of macro evolution being true it's sad people don't believe in it. They say there are "flaws" in the theory of evolution, and that there is no enough evidence to support it - they get very very precise about evidence when trying to disprove scientific theories. But when we ask them for evidence of god, they say "just have faith"
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Abishai Abishai
These are terms invented by Evolutionist Scientists. Christian teachers and leaders do not teach evolution. Christians use those terms that evolutionists invented, to put forward opposing views. As we do not believe in evolution or the accidental bang. http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles...
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Sive Sive
I have never seen macroevolution and microevolution used in modern scientific literature. "Kind" is not a taxonomic unit. Nothing creationists say is truthful and honest There is no "debate" between evolution and creationism (there is only evolution), just as there is no "debate" between those who claim immunisation protects against viruses and those who think it causes autism.
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Phyliss Phyliss
@NDMA - Please provide us with these supposed frauds and propaganda. @A B E L - Actually, there are currently thousands of different types of transitional fossils, evolution is a scientific fact.
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Marylou Marylou
They needed some technical words to show that creation science actually has some technical words. It's hard to convince people that you are a science when you have no research. This is what they came up with :D
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Laney Laney
Science sinks or swims on evidence.. Evolution is more buried in propaganda, fraud and known errors than any empirical evidence. The real sad part of it is known errors and frauds that remain in school text books decades and even centuries after they have been revealed as errors or frauds.. for this reason the notion that evolution is science or scientific is laughable.
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Jeri Jeri
First, define the word evolution - I believe it means that one species becomes (evolves) into a completely NEW species. (This is MACRO-evolution) To selectively breed a Chihuahua, or a Irish Wolf Hound from a wild wolf is NOT evolution it is a variation within a species, that some call MICRO-evolution. They are still all the same KIND are they not? – therefore they did NOT evolve, they are merely a new variety. Maybe a Dalmatian, Jack Russell terrier or a Great Dane in the dog example above. MICRO-evolution (variation) has been observed many times, but MACRO-evolution has NEVER been observed, No transitional fossils have ever been found, and properly identified as such. No, evolution is an unproven belief. ____________________________________
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Floella Floella
when someone uses these terns they show they have learned "science" from their religious leaders.
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