Is this a good reason to fund raise?

Is this a good reason to fund raise? Topic: How to make a business plan letter
July 16, 2019 / By Jaqualine
Question: This summer, I plan to go to a musical theatre program, but they cost from $1,000 - $4,000. I want to try to raise this money myself, since it would be hard for my mom to pay all of it. Do you think I would be able to fundraise for this cause, or would people not deem it worthy enough? Also, if you have an ideas for fundraising I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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Etta Etta | 8 days ago
Why should anyone give YOU a nickel? There are all kinds of FOR-profit *schools* of music, drama, etc. that try to look as if they are educational institutions - which they are to some extent - but are really businesses. Some are even famous or quite large in their touring - Up With People, American Wind Symphony, etc. These charge a bundle of the participants, work them to DEATH, doing all kinds of non-musical things, make is sound like this is such a fabulous experience, even tell you that you can earn college credit! - but they are all about the money. As highly successful retired music educators, we have been approached to participate in some of these schemes - especially as a married couple we work out for chaperoning - but RUN from them - we have our standards and pride. We have had countless students over the years get that "you have been selected . . " letter - and when we tell them that they will ask for a PILE of money to do this - they get indignant, and say that no, they have been CHOSEN , because they are special - yeah, right. To solicit funds from your community for something for you alone is despicable. Get a job, take a loan - but this is hardly like fundraising for a civic groups or for a disease. If you cannot afford this - too bad. If you and Mom can reach an agreement about how this is to be funded, fine. But do not approach your community - there are far more legitimate causes than YOUR personal summer class.
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I would always hesitate before trying anything on the internet: if making money was so easy why wouldn't everyone you know be doing it? A lot of these survey things either pay really poorly or take a lot of time to make a lot of money. My advice is to do the following: If you get an allowance, start saving that! You don't have to save all of it, but you could definitely put some away every week and still be able to spend some on yourself. You could also do things around the neighbourhood: do you know anyone who needs their gardens taken care of, their lawns mowed, their weeds killed? What if you offered to organize garages? Wash cars? Walk dogs? Babysit? The trick is to find out what people need and see if you can help them out. That way you will be providing a service to them and they will be paying you for it. For example: do you know any elderly people who may want to pay you to carry groceries from the store for them? These are just a few of the things you could do to earn a little extra money. I have written a more extensive article (with more suggestions) on my blog, which will also show you potentially what you could make: you can find it here http://www.btgnow.net/2008/07/how-can-i-make-money-if-im-too-young-to-work-part-2-selling-a-service/ Good Luck!
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well. u can babysit. do chores. to get front row seats u will probally need to be in the offical fan club (i am) which is 35 bucks a month... they get the tickets 1st.
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well. try recycling, yard sales, bake sales, car washes, walk-a-thons, and creative things:) maybe even babysitting. walking dogs mowing lawns. anything.

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