I want a dog SO BAD please help(10 points)?

I want a dog SO BAD please help(10 points)? Topic: Authors writing about cats
May 26, 2019 / By Jaqualina
Question: I am the only child and i grew up with one dog all my life. I was a baby when i got him and we finally got rid of him when i was 13 because he got to old. Im 15 now and want a dog so bad. Both of my parents have huge families and grew up with dogs in there family so they don't really understand. My dad told me i cant get another dog and my mom always say i have to talk to your father but never does. I just want a dog SOOOO bad. They think im not responsible enough to handle a dog but i can. I never get in-trouble, never miss a day of school, stay on the honer-roll, never got a suspension or a detention so why cant i have a dog. I get SOOOO many awards. So were are they getting the not responsible part. I didn't take care of my other dog because i was to young and for one they wouldn't let me. But now that im old enough i can do this. I really want a dog so bad. I will do everything i have to do for it. Walk it everyday clean up its poo feed it bathe it train it and everything. But they wont allow me the chance. Please help me i have asked my dad SOOO many times but he always say no. How can i persuade or convince my parents to let me get a dog. Btw i either want a German Shepard, Labrador Retriever or some type of toy dog. Please give details not little sentences. Best answer gets 5 stars and 10 points please help out. Thank You to all. Also they really dont wanna pay ALOT so what would be a resonable price and good places to get dogs. Thx NOOO actually i got rid of my dog because he was sick and needed help. I didnt want my dog to die at my home because it would be to painful. For all of the ppl getting mad because the dog was given away. You dont know the problem that was going on. The dog had a LOVING home and was tooken care of very well. I didnt want to get rid of him. He was my BEST friend and i loved him to death and i cried like a baby when they got rid of him so its not my fault.
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Best Answers: I want a dog SO BAD please help(10 points)?

Etna Etna | 7 days ago
I'm writing an Animal Book, right now, it's fifty percent scripture from the Bible, to back up all my answers in the book. Your 15 yrs. now, and from what i read, you already have a fulllllll plate. And now, your going to be interested in boys, sorry Mom & Dad. This is not a porcelain statue that sits on a shelf, its alive, and wants your undivided attention 24 hrs. a day. This is not a leopard, they are solitary creatures, but not dogs, they are very social, and very high maintenance. If your just wanting a little dog as an accessory to carry around in your purse, then that's defiantly the wrong reason. I have had many people ask me through out my life, if they should get a dog, because i am a dog & animal trainer, now, and soon to be Author. I ask them all, this one question "Do you like poop"? I ask this question, because to properly take care of any animal the responsible and right way. You will be picking up poop, many,many, times each day. I owned and showed Great Danes in my late teens, my 20ty's, and 30ty's. I can also tell you for a fact, that because i was so preoccupied with my boyfriend in my teens and early 20ty's, i was not a good owner, something i regret and have guilt about, to this day and i'm, 50ty. now. The facts are, this is not fair to any animal, unless it's an indoor cat, but a dog, not now, not at this age, when your so busy doing all the things that you should be doing now, and your doing them so good, sweetie, i'm very proud of you, as is everyone who is reading your question. Trust me, there is an order to life and everything. Concentrate, on going on to college now, get your degree's and while your getting over these mountains that are ahead of you right now, it won't hurt to have an indoor cat for companionship, you'll want someone to come home to. You see a cat is a solitary creature for the most part, and won't mind you going out on dates and being in college, a dog would. Just make sure to clean the box twice a day. God Bless Rebecca
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Claudine Claudine
A dog is a huge responsibility. It's not something that one person can do when living in a family situation. Everyone has to take part in caring for the dog, not just you. Who will care for the dog while you are at school? And who will care for the dog if you leave for college and can not take the dog with you? It's also a big financial responsibility. Vet bills are pretty expensive, and pet insurance can be confusing and may not cover all the expenses, or medical problems. It really is a family matter, so maybe setting up a family meeting to get everyone's feelings out into the open will be a great start. Start volunteering at the shelter, start walking your neighbors dogs. It will really help you show your parents that you are responsible, and you will get great experience with various types of dogs. (PS. Volunteer work looks great on applications for colleges and potential employeers!) The absolute best place to get a dog is from your shelter! Many of the expenses, ie. vaccinations, spay/neuter, check-ups, basic training, are already done and covered in the adoption fee. Also, they are willing to work with you to find a right fit for you and your family's activity level. Remember, this is a life-time commitment. (The life-time of the dog) There should be no such thing as "getting rid" of a dog simply becuase they are too old. My dog is 11 almost 12 and wouldn't dream of giving her up simply because of her age. Best of luck to you!
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Beckah Beckah
As far as prices and the best thing you can do, go to a shelter! You'll literally save their life and it's very reasonable prices. Our shelter offers to waive the entire adoption fee certain times of the year (you have to buy the microchip for about $20, but that's it!). One thing that REALLY bothers me. You said you got rid of him because he got "too old"? Wow. I can't wrap my head around that one. It seems very irresponsible, but maybe I'm missing an important clue. Would you do the same with this new dog? Once he's a senior kiss him good-bye? Seems rather heartless. My apologies if I misunderstood. It truly sounds like your parents no longer want the responsibility of pet ownership (vet costs, food costs, etc. plus worrying if you vacation). I might leave it alone if I were you. In 3 years you will legally be an adult and theoretically if you have your own income and place, you can get your dog then. Just be sure you're completely prepared, it really is a huge responsibility. We easily spend over $1000 on our pets and we are very frugal and shop around! Something to consider. German shepherds shed, a lot! I have to vacuum every single day, and there's always a lot of hair. They are also on the list, meaning some places will not rent to you if you own one and insurance companies will not cover your home if you own one. Sad but true. Labs are very very active and require lots of exercise. You will be working and probably going to college soon, not leaving much time for your buddy. They will develop some very bad habits if they get bored from being home alone too much time and without proper exercise and stimulation. Toy breeds tend to live a lot longer, 15 to 20 years. Are you ready for that kind of commitment? Any breed can have health issues that easily run up into the thousands for a single vet visit. Something else to consider. What you might be able to talk them into is fostering. It's a great way to get your "doggy fix" while still leaving you without the lifetime commitment. It helps out tremendously as many places, humane societies and even rescues, constantly have to turn away animals or euthanize them simply due to lack of space. Google some rescues, call your humane society and ask. Typically when you foster, all you provide is the love and day to day care. They will most likely pay for all vet bills and even food. Also, ask those places about volunteering, you might be old enough to do that. It's also very fulfilling to do that. You will make a huge impact if you do and never regret it! I hope that helps. Good luck!
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Adison Adison
First of all, you have to convince them again that you are VERY responsible. Don't be afraid to go over the level with responsibility.You can start walking dogs or dog sitting to show them that you can take care of dogs. Assure them that you will pick up all of her "messes" and messes that she makes. If they say no, ask them why. Do not pressure them to answer. It could be for many reasons. I know that my parents gave my chocolate labrador retriever away because his poop took over the back yard and his fur would always shed around the house, causing my mom to have to sweep every day. If they don't want to get you a dog because your options are dogs that re large, try offering a medium dog, because they can be easier to take care of. And about where you can get it- dogs are usually very cheap or even free at no-killl dog shelters or your local SPCA. I hope I could help! :D Good luck on getting your dog!
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Temple Temple
I had the same problem. what u need to do is find something u never do. like do the dishes or something. then make a deal with your dad saying that you will do that thing for him if he gets you the dog.
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Philo Philo
You got rid of a dog because he "got too old". Your family has no business owning a dog. Period.
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