Will you answer these simple DNA Replication Questions (*.*)?

Will you answer these simple DNA Replication Questions (*.*)? Topic: Nucleotide synthesis in cells protein
July 16, 2019 / By Janis
Question: Q1: How does DNA know when to replicate? Q2: Where do the daugther molecules of DNA come from? Do they magicly appear, break off from the parent? Q3: Relating to question 2, where do the Nucleotides come from in replication? Q4: What exactly does DNA polymerases do? Q5: What does DNA ligase do? Q5: WHAT THE HECK IS RNA? Q6:I'm a freshman in high school so please, can you keep it simple? Thank you!
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Best Answers: Will you answer these simple DNA Replication Questions (*.*)?

Ethel Ethel | 2 days ago
1). DNA replication occurs when a certain cyclin dependent kinase protein gives the signal to start DNA synthesis of DNA. Basically just know that some chemical tell the cell to start DNA replication. 2) The daughter DNA is made from nucleoside triphosphates which float around in the cytoplasm. They're assembled using an enzyme call DNA polymerase 3) Answered it in number 2 4) DNA polymerase is an enzyme, and what it does is it polymerizes DNA... basically it attaches free nucleotides from the cytoplasm to the end of a growing DNA strand. 5) DNA ligase is an enzyme which connects pieces of DNA together. this becomes complicated, but i'll simplify it. When DNA replicates, there are two strands right? well one strand can be synthesized all at once; the other strand has to eb synthesized in pieces, because the DNA only can be synthesized in one direction, so thus this strand is synthesized in a backstitching-like method. DNA ligase then goes and connects these pieces together. 6) RNA is ribonucleic acid, like DNA, except the in dna the sugar is deoxyribose, and in RNA the sugar is ribose. RNA serves many different purposes in the cell, from initiating DNA synthesis to making proteins there, tried to make it simple. I'm a high school student myself, a kinda science nerd, and i love that fact that some1's actually going around and trying to find stuff out (more likely ure just taking bio as a freshman, and are now very confused with teh class.)
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Clarissa Clarissa
1. When DNA is in the S cycle in the cell, DNA forms a duplicating point which is replication bubble. 2.Daughter cells are duplicated from the parent cell. 3. I cannot understand the question, sorry. 4. DNA polymerase. There are two kinds of them whi ch is polymerase 1 and polymerase 3. Polymerase 1 adds neucleotid to primer that it synthesizes the leading stand. This enzyme also makes okazaki fragment to be formed in lagging strand. Polymerase 3 adds DNA to 3' that it deletes primer and replace RNA to DNA in leading strand. However in lagging strand, it deletes the primer located in the 5' of okazaki fragment. 5. DNA ligase links okazaki fragments. 5. You have two #5! RNA is a functional piece of DNA. Since DNA contains a lot of important information fatal to the heritage, genes make RNAs to do the function.
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Clarissa Originally Answered: Answer these simple questions?
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