Laundry issues. Yellow stains in an all white load?

Laundry issues. Yellow stains in an all white load? Topic: How to make a pillowcase shirt
July 16, 2019 / By Janine
Question: I've got a washer that is about 1 year old. Normal wear and tear. However, recently, when I wash my whites at least one shirts comes out of the wash with a yellow stain? What is causing this, how can I make it stop, and how can I get those stains out??......thanks.
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Esther Esther | 1 day ago
This happened to me with an all white load of sheets and pillowcases. It was the first time they had been washed as I had just bought them. I put in the usual amount of detergent and some Clorox. And there they were ... odd yellow stains. I couldn't figure it out until ...Eureka! The little labels on the sheets and towels were sort of rust color. I cut off the labels and rewashed using the soak cycle in addition to the wash cycle. I used detergent and more Clorox. Stains gone. But it is interesting that no warning was included with these sheets which were fairly pricey to buy. Now I cut the label off anything white before ever using the items. The soak cycle is important. I turned the knob to the soak cycle after the first one had almost ended so that the soak cycle would be longer than usual. If you have to use a commercial laundry machine I would soak the stains out in the sink first. I hope this is what your problem was.
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Clarice Clarice
Sounds like a hard water or rust build up. I'm guessing that this happens on your 1st load after the washer has set for a day or so. The standing water in the pipes gets 'rusty' and when the water starts in the washer it dumps the dirty water directly on one of the shirts as it fills. Try running a small load after it sets for a day and fill a glass with the water coming out and see if it is discolored.
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Beatie Beatie
you comprehend, it may desire to be a water difficulty, yet I had an identical situation some 12 months or so in the past while i grow to be utilising Proactiv. there is benzoyl peroxide in it (that's in basic terms approximately the comparable chemical as bleach) and it bleached out spots on a number of my towels and pillowcases, or maybe on some clothing if I wasn't cautious. in case you're utilising a product which does contain a point of peroxide in it, that is it. you'll be able to ought to rinse your face off somewhat extra stringently and in easy terms use white towels once you wash your face. stable success! i'm hoping you discover the inspiration of the situation!
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Adelphie Adelphie
you can buy this product at any store like walmart or super target called yellow out for less than 5 dollars that i use to make the yellow go away. works every time. just make sure to read the instructions carefully and make sure not to accidently put it on colored clothing.
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