What should I major in?

What should I major in? Topic: How to write a math rap
July 16, 2019 / By Janette
Question: I am very undecided. I am very smart so I'd like to put my brains to use and get a decent job. However, I don't know what that would be. Here are some things I enjoy: Health and fitness Sicknesses and diseases Why people act how they do Dream interpretations Behavior Math in general- algebra, chemistry, geometry, statistics, any of it Writing- I keep my own blog based on opinions on topics Publicly speaking Helping other people Showing other people how to do things they don't understand Tutoring Reading Nature Biology
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Essence Essence | 7 days ago
I majored in physics and am teaching high school math. You can do the math, public speak, and help people all in one. You can also major in science and do the same thing. Good Luck. You might want to take the ASVB test and see if they can shed some light on what you might want to major in. RAP
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Essence Originally Answered: What kind of a job could you get with a major in creative writing and a minor (or double major) in art?
If you've got the ability to do anything graphics-wise as well as writing, you've got an advantage - whether that's drawings or working with Photoshop, increasingly writers are called upon, especially but not exclusively in digital media, to have more strings to their bow. How hard is it to get a job with that degree? Too many variables to say - look at the economy, global and regional and local, what country you're in, what the weather is today... What can be said is that jobs do exist that can make use of your skills. The most obvious is comic strip artist/writer: many do both pictures and words themselves, though you might be called upon to do one or the other. Then there's copywriting, graphic design (you'd need some technology expertise there, like the aforementioned Photoshop), a lot of jobs in creative media industries. Simply put, though, if you expect to find a job that precisely aligns with what you studied, that's a tough call. The point of an education isn't just to stick with what you've learned and know but to use it to gain confidence in the wider world to go out there and learn new stuff.
Essence Originally Answered: What kind of a job could you get with a major in creative writing and a minor (or double major) in art?
i don't think of those majors/minors are going to depend too plenty - it is unlike somebody will look at your resume and determine to hire you because you have been an English substantial somewhat than a history substantial. once you're making plans on grad college in some unspecified time sooner or later it would be priceless, yet in any different case take notwithstanding training you will possibly need to take and notwithstanding degree comes with it. My English substantial and history substantial buddies are working in the comparable styles of positions...i don't think of any of them are in jobs (a minimum of, between people who've jobs) the place one substantial is needed or favorite over the different. So in actuality, till you're staring at a very specific field the place it would depend, I say do notwithstanding you opt to do and don't complication plenty with reference to the jobs - regrettably in this financial gadget those are going to be stressful to get regardless!

Clare Clare
If you want money: major in Science and Math majors, like: Bio Chem, and other stuff If you want to major in English/reading/writing: won't really make money. Dream interpretations, come on bro-leave that as a hobby Wish you the best ~
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Bashemath Bashemath
Here's some things that sounds up in your alley: Radiology Physical Therapist Assistant/ Physical Therapist Nursing Respiratory Therapist Psychologist
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Bashemath Originally Answered: Would this be a beneficial combination? Social Work major and Advertising major?
What career are you planning that would require combining Advertising and Social Work? I can't imagine a job that combines the two, unless...maybe...you go to work for a non-profit of some sort? It's not going to be easy to find a job that requires that skill set. I could see combining Advertising and English. The English major would give you grammar and composition skills. It would also expose you to classic literature that would give you inspiration. Advertising or English would also pair up nicely with Business Administration or Marketing. The downside is, advertising jobs are really hard to find. You'd need to work very hard, get excellent grades and an internship, just to get your foot in the door. Otherwise, you'll end up selling advertising, and that's no fun. Social work would probably be better paired with Psychology, Child Development, or something along those lines.

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