Ideas for Intro to Java program/project?

Ideas for Intro to Java program/project? Topic: Computer science writing assignment
July 15, 2019 / By Janet
Question: The objective of this project is to develop a larger program from scratch, a program that is more complex and challenging than any individual assignment that was done throughout the semester. I'm hoping to develop a more practical program than any of our basic, useless class assignments (palindrome, factorial calculator, etc.); hopefully something that can actually be put on a resume. That being said, it's only Intro to Java, so I'm not exactly pro, but I'm down for a slight challenge. Also, if you're willing to provide some help along the way in the next few weeks, feel free to drop an email ;D
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Erynn Erynn | 5 days ago
I had to do a photo album for my Java course? It was sort of like Flickr, but we had to develop the entire program....including the GUI? If you have done GUI, a more manageable project would be a calculator! Well you don't necessarily need a gui for that...you could get ppl to input if they want add/subtract/multiply/divide and then get them to input the numbers, and then have the program u write spit out the result....what are u using to code? Dr. Java or Eclipse? We also had to do a coin sorter... I am a computer science student in my second year! =D Best of Luck!!
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Erynn Originally Answered: I've an upcomin project which is writing a program in C++, any ideas?
a lot more info is needed than just that if you want any help at all. If you have the time though, I would say a good place to start would be "C Programming Language (2nd Edition) (Prentice Hall Software) by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie" That is rated one of the best books for learning the C language. If you don't know C you will be fighting an uphill battle trying to learn C++. This book has no fluff just in your face knowledge. Don't know what else to tell you without more information.
Erynn Originally Answered: I've an upcomin project which is writing a program in C++, any ideas?
A class is a thing you use to define your own type of variables. For example, if you want to use an "int" in a program to hold and manipulate numbers, there has to be a class called "int". So when you want to add two numbers, you might do the following: int a = 9; int b = 10; int c = a + b; // c = 19 or if you want to do other basic math: int d = a - b;// d = -1 int e = a * b;// e = 90 int f = a / b;//f =9/10 The variable type "int" actually comes with C++, so yu don't have to define one. But for your project, you might define a new class, such as "car" to use to create variables that represent cars in your program. You can make the car type as flexible as you want. It might look like this: car myToyotaTruck = car("Toyota", 2002, "Tacoma"); So when you define the car class, it needs to be able to be constructed with a string, and int and a string, in that order. It might look like this: class car { car( string make, int year, string model ) {} ~car(){}; } This class will construct with the string, int string combo, but it does nothing with them. That is lesson two.

Claramae Claramae
If you have an open-ended assignment like that, you can write your dream program and actually do something fun :) For me, something fun might be: -Writing a simple computer game -Writing a sudoku solver -Writing a chess AI (I did end up putting this on my resume, and talked at length with an interviewer about the program.) Admittedly though, I'm not sure if any of the above 3 topics are considered introductory material though.
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Barbra Barbra
Write something very Object Oriented, like a game. You could write a small board game, or maybe Chess if you feel like spending more time on it.
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Barbra Originally Answered: How can I use this java algorithm in a program?
going from console to gui is a pretty big leap. look up java swing. i made a very simple example so you can try to figure out what's going on. http://ideone.com/HNiTTm

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