Do you plan your dinner meals by the week or just a few days in advance?

Do you plan your dinner meals by the week or just a few days in advance? Topic: Template writing paper
July 16, 2019 / By Janessa
Question: If you do it by the week, do you use a template or computer app? Just curious. What are your meals for the week? Next few days?
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Best Answers: Do you plan your dinner meals by the week or just a few days in advance?

Eryn Eryn | 4 days ago
We look through the ads from the Sunday paper and think about what we already have on hand. We try to write a menu for the whole week, but we also know to leave a day or two for leftovers or if we change our minds. I don't have a computer at home so I don't use any type of template or app. Tonight we are having smoked sausage with baked potatoes and asparagus. Tomorrow it is leftovers. Saturday it is homemade pizzas. We will either figure out Sunday night's dinner on Sunday, or Saturday if we are going to crock-pot it. Then, we look at the ads on Sunday again and start all over!
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Eryn Originally Answered: Do you plan your family's dinner menus each week?
I do plan meals. I don't always end up making every meal, because something might happen that prevents me from being home, but for the most part, I follow it. It makes things go more smoothly, saves me money, and saves me the time of trying to figure out what I'm going to do (and then giving up and buying out). How I do it: I will keep the grocery ads for that week On Saturday, I'll look through the ads, find out what meat/fish is on sale, and search for recipes online (or in my mountain of magazines and cookbooks) that use that meat/fish. I'll add what I need to purchase to make those recipes to my grocery list (which I sort of organize by area of the store, so I don't miss things) and then go shopping on Sunday for the week. I write down my planned menu so I won't forget mid-week what I'm making. I tend to freeze most of my meat, so the night before I'm going to make something, I take the meat out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to defrost. Both my husband and I work full-time, so this is the method that works for us...keeps us healthier, saves us money.

Clarabelle Clarabelle
We try to shop in two week intervals only going back in between for bread fruit and milk. We plan a menu then see what we have. The shopping list is for the items we don't have Plus snacks yogurt etc that we need. . We used to have a black board in the old house with the menu on it and we would cross off what we made. Have not figured a new thing in this house Today roasting a whole chicken and that will last about three maybe four days. We will make a different veggie every night
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Barbie Barbie
Ive just started planning by the week. Im doing two weeks at a time because I despise grocery shopping and would rather only go once or twice a month! I made a chart on paper and am now loading it into a chart using Microsoft Word! (: *Most of the reason that Ive decided to start planning is because we have wasted so much food lately. When I cleaned out our cabinets the other day.. I discovered that we had food still in our cabinets from when we moved in together nearly 3 years ago. Now I plan to shop for what we need rather than what we want (snacks..etc). I plan to buy only what we'll be using in that 2 week span. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully it cuts back our grocery bill a bit.
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Adelaide Adelaide
I plan about 10-12 days worth of meals so that we will be set for 2 weeks (including leftover nights and whatnot). My meals for next couple of weeks: Slow cooker spinach lasagna Beef-stuffed bell peppers Slow cooker pulled pork Sloppy Joes Meatloaf hot dogs (my break night!) Spaghetti & meatballs Meatball hoagies (using leftover meatballs) Beef Stew Chicken noodle casserole Pasta e Fagioli ETA: Oh yeah, and I don't use a computer program or anything (although I probably should). I just write down a list of meals I want to make and then make a grocery list based off that. I keep my meals for the week posted on the fridge and scratch them off as I go.
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Tate Tate
I sorta plan ahead... I know the ingredients for the main meals my family likes so I keep them in the house... but I never put much effort into it. I'm pregnant so I use it as my excuse to be lazy... I'll usually grab some meat out of the freezer a day ahead and thaw it in the fridge... in the summer I grab fresh veggies at the farmers market for the week but in the winter I'm super lazy.. we live on those bags of frozen veggies in steamer bags that you can just toss in the microwave for 5 min and they turn into dinner. We eat a lot of brown rice, again out of laziness more than anything. They have those bags of instant brown rice in boil-in bags... just toss them in a pot for 10 min and drain, no measuring... My poor family, I feel bad now that I think about how little effort I put into meals. I guess we have more time playing together if meals are simple. My plan for dinner tonight - something with chicken breasts!
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