My ex husband suffers from mental health issues & addiction?

My ex husband suffers from mental health issues & addiction? Topic: Life case stickers
May 26, 2019 / By Jane
Question: He decided I have been harassing him and put in a contempt order in court. When we went they asked about the harassment he said I've been e-mailing and texting his friends and he had proof. The judge didn't even want to hear it, asked if I was harassing him (he said no) and dismissed it. I am not harassing him or his friends via text or e-mail and know it; would happily allow my accounts to be audited for such material because it doesn't exist from me and honestly don't have phone or e-mails for his "friends" (most of whom are new people that I don't even know!) Now he's brought the same "stuff" to our child's therapist. Left an entire copied folder of it. She refused to review it as it was kicked out of court and is not applicable to our child. I did not ask to see it. (Maybe I should for a laugh?) In any case, he will not let up on this "harassment" that exists only in his head. How do I combat this if at all? Should I bother or do you think most people know he isn't well and will think it's nonsense? My guess is that one of the ex's (that he calls psycho - all of them are psycho) is probably fiddling with him...not me! What is the best course of action to take? If any...up until now I have ignored and laughed it off but frankly, it's starting to be really annoying.
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Erica Erica | 8 days ago
been there, done that have both the tee shirt and the bumper sticker...... Listen, if it's all 'in his head' as mental illnesses often manifest themselves in hallucinations and psychotic episodes, he may truly believe you are indeed harassing him....problem is courts require proof. he's discovered that without documentation, and his history of mental illness.....do the math. You share one child..hopefully. And one day that child will be a legal adult which means you do not have to have any contact with him what so ever...unlike now. I got lucky...'mine' turned his back on his kids while they were his financial obligation via CS after telling the courts he wanted nothing to do with any physical or legal custody so there was no issue there.....he became a problem AFTER they all reached adulthood, when he was no longer legally or morally was responsible for them in any way-they all declined a 'relationship'...then he tried to insinuate himself into my new life....I told him no. I suggest you find the money to consult a lawyer on what legal remedies you may have if he gets to be too much...., you might have grounds for a contempt order or no contact yourself....I understand the problem mine kept dragging me back to court for CS reductions & to get his arrears forgiven......and just look forward to the day when you no longer have to deal with him legally...it comes sooner than you think.
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Cissy Cissy
cut the lines and stop spying on the ex. Theres no way she could follow him on line .If hes not following her. Thats like breaking inside a car,But saying the car broke inside itself. There is always a witness around .Even if its in ur own phone STart watching ENEMY OF THE STATE and find out who moniters the moniter. btw.Im going through the same assumtions ur man is,.ONLY I KNOW ITS NOT IN MY HEAD. Theres too many ppl onto this now lmao. anything can be done online. I am a victim but Im fighting back Even watching God allow karma to unfold. I will say this. U need proof in order for lies to be justified or admissable in court. And be careful. Cause if u have the bad rep and she does not.. Chances are a private investigator would Persue and destroy the one. Id say drop the charges and let it go. Or prove your case.
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Bailie Bailie
Mr. Reg feels that 'mental wellbeing problems' are regularly honestly the excuse of psychological practitioners ,instead than hitting the nail on the pinnacle as to our ' problems '. These excuse themselves in some cases in basic terms labeling humans as a such and such variety of nutcase . Noble individuals repeatedly; do such psychological counseling however recollect labeling folks with trouble -names may also be an excuse for their utter lack to be competent to save an avowed sinner . A hapless soul ;approaching the ultra-modern church quite often will get simplest a less than official; psychological evaluation ;probably with Mystic error thrown in -on substituting substitution for Identification with Christ. He bore all of it , handiest suppose it , be sure to not defile mystic religion with works of obedience ! Such have a form of Godliness however, are in tacit denial, God is able shop any specific souls. The avowed sinner goes away empty exceeded in general with a guilt tricky for now not believing the 'emperors clothes' gospel !
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Adallina Adallina
There's not a lot you can do with regard to the behavior of a mentally ill person...you cannot reason with him and even taking legal action would likely be ineffective...ignore it as best you can but keep track of everything (all his actions of trying to prove you're harrassing him or his friends) because down the road you may need a record of all this to refer to, to show is unreasonable behavior and claims... Hang in there...too bad you can't just move far, far away from him...
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Taffy Taffy
drop it have no contact with him,its over move on with your life, its probability one of his whores just causing trouble leave it alone that what they want, and strive for, attention do give them that and they will move on.
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