How to get over my fear of horror movies?

How to get over my fear of horror movies? Topic: Movie case stand
May 26, 2019 / By Jancis
Question: I have a pretty bad fear of scary movies/horror films, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to shake it. Normally, I wouldn't care about superficial things like being able to watch horror films and not be scared, but lately it's been affecting my social life. It's causing me to not be able to go out to movies with my friends as much, I turn into a total wall-flower at slumber partys, and I can't even stand to switch on the television in October. It's not a normal case of horror film phobia, unlike all my friends who are just scared during the movie, or maybe through to the next day and get over it by the next night, I am freaked out for a week or two. The first few nights are sleepless, the next few are all nightmares, but the nightmares die down and then all i see everywhere is the face of some demon or monster or murderer or something. I can't stand always being afraid of being afraid! It's causing me to miss out on some of the fun in life now! Somebody, please tell me how to get rid of my phobia? October's in a few months, and I really want to be able to go to halloween partys, movie theaters, and - heck, just be able to turn on my television without being scared for weeks and mentally scarred for months.
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Eppie Eppie | 7 days ago
A great way to get over your fear is to search out a horror movie in production. Try to help out on a movie being made and see what it is all about. Nowadays, tons of people are making independent horror movies. I was recently a zombie in a B-movie and it was a blast. If you try to understand why certain lighting is used or when puppets are used instead of a real person, it might help you watch the movies in a totally different way. Just knowing how the process is done will help you so much! Best of luck!
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Ciss Ciss
im not a psychologist but i think watch black comedys they are funny with horror aspects and watch the darker ones like shaun of the dead or the tv series dead like me learn that not all horror movies are scary sum can be fun to watch and hey you may learn to enjoy them. i used to be terrified of horrors now i laugh at sum of the scariest scenes and all my friends look at me like im an idiot xD
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