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Need help with this script? Topic: How to write a dialogue scripts
May 26, 2019 / By Jami
Question: I'm in a film class and we (my group and I) have to write a script. Well, I do. I'm the writer. It's going to be about this really mean guy who collects dolls (weird I know, but deal with it) who loses his wallet at the store, and a woman who finds it thinks hes cute, but can't get the nerve to go to his house and give it to him. After a while, of trying, he thinks she's a stalker, but eventually he lightens up from being a jerk to her and gives her a chance and they get married. But I can't think of a way to begin it! Ideas? I need some ideas! I know it's kinda dumb script, it's a comedy.
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Ephah Ephah | 4 days ago
First, learn how to write dialogue. A lot can be portrayed via words. You are the script writer. The movements and actions should be left up to the director.
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Cindra Cindra
How about, he's sat in a room round a table talking to all his other dolls about going out to get a brother or sister for them, but this one will be special as it's very rare ! ! ! Thats a start for you.
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