Christians and the End of the World?

Christians and the End of the World? Topic: Rant essays
July 16, 2019 / By Jakki
Question: What is a news article no older than a year about May 21st and Emperor Nero? Something to the effect of "Christians have been claiming the world is about to end sense Nero let Rome burn." I need it for an AP World History essay. A blog post counts so long as it goes a little bit into the history. It can't be pure rant.
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Enya Enya | 2 days ago
:sigh: you should really educate yourself First Revelation is the only book in the bible we can't be completely dogmatic about...since it was future prophecy Some Christians think that at least part of the tribulation took place in Nero's time considering his horrific persecution of the Christians. I don't think the bible supports this Second when ever you hear the words End Times, you must understand that the end times started on the day of pentecost
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There are no Christians, but there are about 2 billion Paulists who claim to be Christians. Roman Emperor Constantine eliminated Christianity and replaced it with Paulism. Do your own homework: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion
Enya Originally Answered: How many christians are there in the world?
Those who fear God will always claim they belong to one of those religions. So it is hard to get an accurate percentage of each group. These people spend most of their life-time pleasing God instead of doing something that more productive to human race and all species on the planet.
Enya Originally Answered: How many christians are there in the world?
I am not sure there is an answer to your question. As some people go to church does not mean they are a christian. the true meaning of a christian means they are followers of Christ and revere Him as Lord and Saviour. Like Christ said "Fear not little flock, it is my Fathers good pleasure for you to inherit the kingdom of God" Doesnt sound like a big flock does it?

Cimone Cimone
See in the text below what you did NOT see on Judgment Day (not Rapture Day). This is a surprising text. http://soeverythinghappened.blogspot.com...
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I have been watching this trend take place for a long time. Mostly since banks began to merge in the 70's and 80's. It doesn't surprise me that the only real financial fix has to be a new world-wide monetary system. It does surprise me however that the connection to prophesy is not seen by the world. I suppose it's not that surprising though. After all, it will happen and meant to be. How it is disguised will be masterful. If this is all true by design we should resist where we can but know it will not be prevented. How wonderful it is to see a great outcome eventually and to part of these great and terrible events to come.
Cimone Originally Answered: Christians, how do you feel about the "one world economic system" planned?
my guess is it will bring true believers and just people on one side and the rest on the other. more war. in the middle east. cant say now or it takes some time. then(as per prophecy) the anti christ for 40 then the comming of jesus(pbuh) killing of anti christ. then agog magog then more distruction and havoc. then deaths of agog magog then the birds who will clear the dead bodies of agog magog. then rain then abundance then huge fruits and abundance of food and peace for 40 yrs then a cool wind which will make all the believers die. then only the worst people will be left who will **** like asses and then the last hour will come onto them .then when all the humanity is brought forth to life again and then the day of deen (justice). then each to his destiny according to his/her deeds. and no injustice will be done whatsoever. the believers will meet Allah(SwT) and live in heaven forever. and the others... Accept my sincere invitation to islam and hold on to Allah(SwT) path like there is no tommorow. only the believers will succeed. all have to die some day but one dies the way one lives. and the way one lives is the way one will be judged. its so hard here in this temporary world imagine the permanent one.

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