Would you give up vices for true love?

Would you give up vices for true love? Topic: The sisters love give me your love
July 16, 2019 / By Jaimee
Question: Would you give up all of your vices, drugs or drinking for someone who truly loved you with all their heart or would you let them slip right through your fingers? What would you be willing to sacrifice for true love?
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Best Answers: Would you give up vices for true love?

Emylynn Emylynn | 9 days ago
I would give it all up for true love. There is nothing as special on this earth as to be loved by someone and have the privilege to love them back. Whether it is love between husband and wife, bf and gf, parent and child, sister and sister, brother and brother. A drug or bottle of booze can never give you what another human being can give you. To be able to give love and devotion back, ahhh, that too is a beautiful feeling.
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Emylynn Originally Answered: Should I give up or keep on searching for that one, honest, true love?
Quite honestly, I believe the answer to this troublesome routine belongs with you. You have pinpointed quite clearly, to me, anyway, where the problem is in your BTW. Here we need to break it down into a couple specific things. It IS true that people will attrack a certain type of person to them in their looks and behavior and basically in the energy they put out. In this case, I am suggesting that you are drawing women towards you who are dishonest. Now, secondly, something about them must draw you to them since you are accepting the relationship. There is a reason, if you search for it in yourself. Something in you 'needs' this. It must fulfill a function for you or it would not continue. BTW - not all women are dishonest! There is a solution to this problem of yours and it can go a couple different ways. You can pay very close attention to the women who are attracted to you and try to identify what it is about them that 'hooks' you. (Relationships are something like velcro - where each person has a corresponding emotional 'hook'. If the hooks don't match up, there's no connection.) If you can find that internal issue that needs to be addressed and fix it, you're good to go. You'll no longer attrack that type of person. The other solution is this - YOU find the girl that YOU want to be with! You initiate the relationship. I suspect that perhaps you aren't sure what you are looking for and find that it is easier to let 'them come to you', so to speak. The thing is, you need to change the pattern to change the outcome. Break the cycle. (Just don't go looking for dames with your hook, lol) Take a look around, take some chances, ask yourself what you want and see what happens. Pay close attention especially to what is 'somehow different' about these relationships than with the ones you have had before. That's a key piece in understanding. So, are you READY for things to be different? If you are, find your hook, file off the tip, scope your mind and the world for what YOU want, and make your own moves. I think you will find that the change is what you are looking for. Take care of you. Good luck!

Ciera Ciera
If you found true love, why would you need to give up anything because wouldn't true love imply that the person accepts who you are? Personally, I wouldn't give up anything for a woman. The only thing I've given up to a woman is my virginity, and that is the last thing those life sucking creatures will get outta me. That and allowing them to turn my phone bill from a children's story into War and Peace.
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Azalea Azalea
nothing, how would you fall in love with a life sucking drunk or drug addict unless you loved them before the problem. I have never changed for someone. nobody has changed for me so i havent found true love to your standard.
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Abilene Abilene
honestly its hard to give up vices.,.,.but it is surely possible.,., i can give up anything for true love.,.,.even my life.,.,.
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Abilene Originally Answered: Need someone with love experience. do girls like it, when i give a love letter to them?
Yes....do it! girls love cute things, letters, pictures, cards, flowers. Shine for her and do all that you want to show her how much you care. One month is nothing. Don't count the days. Life is too short. Do what your heart tells you. I date a bumb who wouldn't spend a penny on me. Would make me go get wine & smokes & he would say it's on me but never paid me back! he would even tell me to get him a receipt! he was a cheap skate! showed no manners.

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