Can you go to prisoner over this?

Can you go to prisoner over this? Topic: How to write a testimony for school
May 26, 2019 / By Jaiden
Question: I am not trolling. Just getting that out of the way as this is going to be hard to believe. So a senior had been purchasing Algebra I textbooks and writing the answers to ALL the problems in them. He would hand them over to someone struggling in math and somehow, he got back within a month. In addition, he had also handed out notebooks to random students as well explaining how to solve the equations (this wasn't a cheat book, but more like a hand book). The school had gotten a hold of dozens of these books. But they had no solid evidence to who was doing it. No pictures. No testimony. No witnesses. No one had even seen the guy's face. The books had been swiped clean off all finger prints. Basically, this guy went to extremes to make sure no one made sure it was him. And two weeks ago, they finally got a video of him handing out the text book (apparently he just put in someone's back pack while they weren't looking). They apparently walked into one of the classrooms two weeks later with three cops and arrested him. He was expelled. But now I am curious, can you be sent to prison over this? Just as a little note, you got to give him a little respect for being able to stay undetected for 4 years straight. I mean seriously, if they needed video proof to finally figure out who it was, that's kind of impressive.
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Emmie Emmie | 7 days ago
I have yet to see anyone who starts by having to proclaim that they aren't trolling, to be anything but a troll.
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Emmie Originally Answered: How long can a prisoner be detained without trial?
Our Constitution guarantees the right to a speedy trial. However, within reasonable limits, each State gets to decide what constitutes "speedy". In New York, for example, you get 30 days on a misdemeanor and 90 on a felony before the prosecution has to declare ready for trial. Then the Court sets the next available date and the trial begins (potentially that day, if it is a small matter). On large cases, the defendant will often waive their right to a speedy trial. First, keep in mind that in most cases the defendant is not sitting in jail, they have paid bail and are out and free awaiting trial. This is kind of an aside, but FYI: Bail is an amount of money that the Court believes is sufficient to ensure that you will show up to trial. You pay the Court and get the money back when you show up to trial, regardless of the outcome of the case. If you don't come to Court, you lose the money and they issue a warrant for your arrest. If bail money is obtained through a bail bondsman (a bail bondsman is someone who loans you the money, which is what happens most of the time), the bail bondsman sends a bounty hunter to find you and bring you to the police in return for getting some of their money back. They set bail as high as they feel they need to given the crime and the resources of the defendant and may also set other restrictions like taking away a passport so that they are confident you'll show up for trial. If they think you might try to run or if they think you are dangerous, they might not let you out at any price, but that's unusual. Anyway, the prosecution usually has a big head start in investigating significant cases before an arrest is made and the defense attorney even starts, so usually the defense attorney, on large complex cases, will waive the right to a speedy trial and wait until they are ready to get started. But you have the right and if the prosecution takes too long and you haven't waived your right, you can file a motion to have your case dismissed. EDIT: @Jimbo, he's not asking aobut Gitmo, he's asking about the law. Gitmo is considered by most people (including by the Supreme Court in several decisions) to be illegal. Even those who consider it legal admit it's borderline.
Emmie Originally Answered: How long can a prisoner be detained without trial?
There is no hard and fast rule. Courts have in the past found that delays of 2 years, especially in relatively minor cases, are excessive and violate the right to a speedy trial. Much shorter times are sometimes mandatory in minor cases in some states. But it really depends on the situation, the charges applied, and the reasons for the delays.
Emmie Originally Answered: How long can a prisoner be detained without trial?
.Albert DeSalvo, the Boston strangler, arrested for murders occurring between 1962 and 1964 was imprisoned but never charged. He was murdered by another inmate in 1973.

Cicely Cicely
Sounds like some urban legend. The police would never care about that. And the school wouldn't expel you, probably not even a suspension. He's basically just helping people study. And if other students turn in the answers without showing their work they wouldn't get credit anyway. So your story just doesn't work.
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Cicely Originally Answered: Do people just suck up to Mccain because he was a prisoner for 5 years?
Yes, I believe so. They have kid gloves on with him. If you question anything about him, (I for one want to know where the real McCain is, and why is he sacrificing everything he believes in in order to get elected) some people (we all know who it is) will question a person's and the medias patriotism because he went to defend the country during a time of war and was held by the evildoers while doing it. And since money and power runs everything in the media, they keep their mouths shut.
Cicely Originally Answered: Do people just suck up to Mccain because he was a prisoner for 5 years?
i'm an obama supporter, but some of the things you are saying about mccain just aren't fair. mccain fought for our country. he is a war hero, and when he had connections to be able to leave the torture camp early, he refused because he didn't want to leave his men behind. his personal affairs have nothing to do with us and we should not even look into them. it does not matter that he married a younger woman. also, you took out the part that he has been a senator for many, many years. he has been a mavarick in the senate, voting with his party 88 percent of the time, but that other 12 percent, he worked across party lines, and negotiated well on some important key issues. so i respect the man greatly. i will agree, though, that we need obama/biden. obama has the proposals that will save this country and biden's foreign experience will keep us safe. if we pick obama/biden, we will prosper economically and in homeland security. but still, show some respect for mccain

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