Am I crushing on my best friend?

Am I crushing on my best friend? Topic: How to write a poem for middle school
July 16, 2019 / By Jadyn
Question: He is 4'11 and I am 5'7, lets just start off with that..So since im really tall, and hes really short, it would be awkward if we dated... but hes realllly cute. So we met in art class this year, and we are both in 8th grade, we went to the same middle school for three yeas, bugt we started talking beginnging of this year.. and so were now practically best of friends. Were there for each other whenever. He always says the nicest things to me and hes alwyas there for me and he sticks up for me. He like my hero, because hes really saved my life. He really is a blessing to my life. and I am sooo greatful that I met him. But the thing is, I told him that I dont think I would ever date him, when he asked me if I ever would, but then right afterward I thought about it, and yeah I guess I would, but Im owrried that if we did, it might ruin everything we have. If we did date, I know he'd treat me right. Because I know what abusive relationships are from seeing it happen to my mom. I am always obsessivly waiting for his texts, I cant stop looking at him class, I am always talking to him, and we fight like a married couple, but we always end up apologizing in the end. Oh, and he even wrote me a poem about how much I mean to him Sorry this is so long, but thanks in advance <3
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Emiline Emiline | 4 days ago
Height doesn't matter if you like him for him is what matters :) Text him and say something like "remember when you asked me if I would ever date you well now i think I would date you"
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Emiline Originally Answered: Crushing issues?
i don't think that he doesn't like you... i, too, have noticed that a lot of guys do that. They don't show any feeling in their texting or facebook wall posts, Which make us girl look desperate when we put exclamation marks, smiles, or hearts and stuff. But does he act that way when you're physically around him or talking on the phone? my crush is my best friend and honestly i can't tell how he's feeling when he writes on my facebook wall. but when i'm around him we flirt almost all the time! just do what he does, play hard to get. Respond in short answers and leave him to ask you the next question. If he does, then that means that he wants to keep this conversation going... if not, then honestly move on. trust me that's what i did, and it worked! i was tired by telling him about my life stories and getting "ya i know! lol" as an answer. good luck, and tell me how it goes!
Emiline Originally Answered: Crushing issues?
just like...cut it back a little. like maybe dont talk to him for a few days or whatever. then just make super small talk. but when you do kinda flirt just a little. in a cute way. you will know if he starts to like you a lot. he will make a huge effort to talk to you and start random conversations on facebook and texts and stuff. if he doesn't end up doing this within a week or two i would just give up because he probably doesn't have very much interest.
Emiline Originally Answered: Crushing issues?
let him come to you hes obviously busy and he will eventually come to you dont keep texting him its kinda like stalking

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