My mother has Parkinson's Disease and can no longer live by herself?

My mother has Parkinson's Disease and can no longer live by herself? Topic: Social work problem solving process
July 16, 2019 / By Jackie
Question: We have tried numerous organizations, but all say she is not sick enough or has earned too much money in the past. The only income my mother has is social security which barely pays her bills. Does anyone have an answers?
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Elyzabeth Elyzabeth | 6 days ago
Unfortunately i see this kind of issue all the time. Illegal aliens go to emergency rooms and get treated for all kinds of things free and anyone that is a citizen living in the U.S., worked for a living and done the correct things in life ends up in this situation. It is far from fair and is being promoted by politicians more interested in staying in power than solving the problem. Parkinson's disease is a difficult one because the only medical solution is to offer "MAKE BELIEVE HEALTH" with drugs to relieve the symptoms. The root of the problem is that the Nigral Cells at the top of the brain stem are dying. We are all born with 400,000 of them and they are white when we are born, but because they are pigmented cells, they turn grey as we age. By the age of 18, they have all turned a grey color. That is why it's called the "grey matter." These cells are responsible for making dopamine that is a substance that is involved in nerve transmissions to all the motor nerves in the body. When 240,000 of these cells die, we get Parkinson's disease. Many drugs cause the death of these cells, including things like Ecstasy, etc. Free radicals like the OH- ion kill Nigral cells. Their is a blood brain barrier that protects the brain stem, but many things can cross over this barrier. Anything that quenches free radicals can have a profound effect on preserving the Nigral cells from being destroyed. There is one product I know of that does this. It is called DHLA. Dihydrolipoic acid and is highly active. In fact, it is used up within 45 minutes of ingest it, however, if you sip it in water for 6 hours in the morning, it stays in the blood stream for 24 hours. It literally quenches every free radical known to man. Do not confuse this product with Lipoic Acid that does nothing of the sort. You can purchase this product that is made in the U.S. and your mother should be able to afford it. Have her avoid all the ionized water systems being advertised because they produce lots of the OH- free radical. Have her drink steam distilled water with some minerals added that you can add to the water yourself. That alkaline water will be very beneficial to her. Another good product for her to take is a Green Tea extract. Not green tea because it all contains lots of fluoride that is not good for her. The extract made from a good probiotic process will contain virtually no fluoride, but is loaded with lots of phytonutrients good for her. She also needs to be taking CO-Q-quinol, not to be confused with CO-Q-10 products you see on the market. Those are the ash form and will not help her. She needs this for all the cells in her body to up regulate the energy in each cell. Doctors will NOT help her. They will give her drugs to relieve the symptoms only and the drugs ultimately damage her liver and will actually shorten her life. good luck to you
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Elyzabeth Originally Answered: My dad has Parkinson's disease, and is talking about committing suicide. I don't know what to do?
You father obviously is depressed. Whether this is PD depression or simply depression is difficult to say although logically, it has to be treated as PD depression. This means that the depression will need to be treated by counselor or therapist who specializes in PD depression. Please contact your father's primary care doctor and his neurologist and ask them both for referrals. You can describe the symptoms as feeling unloved, unworthy, possibly hopeless because of the PD - you would be better equipped to see that. Make sure that you mention that he might be suicidal. The reason for a specialist is that if meds were prescribed for someone who is suicidal, certain mainstream meds could be very dangerous for your father and the therapist should be in contact with your father's doctors. One standard form of treatment for PD depression is counseling to restore self-worth. One of the important things for you and your brother to let your father know is that you want to be there with him and for him. That you want him to trust you and to let you into his life (no matter what) Explain - through earlier photographs, that you will always know him as "that" man. What about the way he was when your grandfather was dying? That is an interesting thing to mention. Talk to him about that. Was he taking care of your grandfather to the point where he neglected you and your brother? Did you understand at the time? Can you explain to him how you respect what he did even though you missed him...or whatever you did feel about whatever did occur. It is interesting that you feel that his ex-girfriend still loves him. Have you talked to her? She can talk to you and you can also tell her how you feel about her and how much you appreciated all she did for you and your brother. She needs to hear that. But you can't ask her to return until your father has his depression under some control because he will simply repeat the other patterns. So tell her that you are trying to get into the loop and will keep her informed. Is any of this about money? Her departure? Their breakup? Is it about the PD? There could be other issues which he has not discussed but which do accompany PD such as erectile dysfunction. After all your father is NOT an old man. He is only 56 years old and anticipated a long and healthy sex life. You say your father wanted her to leave, perhaps for the same reason that he doesn't want his children around - he doesn't want anyone to see him deteriorate...except his sister. Does he still work? Can he still work? How far has his PD progressed? Is he seeing new symptoms which he has not talked to you about? Please remember that unless he has signed a consent form (HIPPA) with his doctors, you can tell the doctor anything but in turn the doctor cannot discuss your father specifically. What kind of therapy? Who takes care of your father? Does he need care yet? Is his sister his caregiver? Find out what kind of assistance your Aunt needs from you and your brother. Depending upon progression, she may need weekly relief. Your Aunt can also tell you about his medications so that you can learn about them, their side effects and interactions. Learn all you can about PD and the progression so that you will understand what your father must endure. Knowledge may help you better understand his mindset and also enable you to help him. Take a look at the site below which basically deals with the first few stages of PD. There will be some changes there as my husband has progressed and we will be writing about those changes soon. But the scales of progression, activities of daily living, PDRS charts, medication discussion, therapies, PD exercises, clinical trials are all there. It is so difficult when someone who was the center of your world is simply not there. I'm sure that you will find a way to tell him that he is still an emotional center of your world. Best Wishes
Elyzabeth Originally Answered: My dad has Parkinson's disease, and is talking about committing suicide. I don't know what to do?
on a similar time as i did no longer discover my mom lifeless, there have been many situations she tried suicide and that i found her limp and almost ineffective. whilst she finally did die, i replaced right into a pair states away. It replaced into scary adequate. I help the belief of looking a help team. i think of head to head communities are far greater efficient at getting throughout the time of the preliminary ask your self and isolation you could experience being in this occasion. It almost sounds like no person else has been via it, through fact no person desires to chat approximately it in polite/mixed business business enterprise. it extremely is brutal and it extremely is angering, on the start. I went in seek of suicidal human beings and their real concepts to understand the discomfort my mom suffered. I now understand she replaced into very unwell, even however society likes to pretend like this is basically a ethical flaw to be suicidal. i understand that her suffering replaced into basically as real through fact the discomfort the terminally unwell experience. She needed help and no person had any to furnish, 3 hundred and sixty 5 days after 3 hundred and sixty 5 days for 40 4 years. So she escaped the discomfort the only way she could desire to locate on her very own. i've got now forgiven her. It replaced right into an prolonged, undesirable highway crammed with people who bolstered that i replaced into constantly the main important reason in the back of her pains. I now understand that it wasn't something to do with me and not something to do with something I ever did, and it replaced into basically what she concept replaced into her basically answer to a foul ailment. possibly at some point you will come to a greater efficient place. And that factor that it takes is your individual direction. do no longer enable anybody inform you this is taking too long. Loss in loss of existence - exceedingly the stigma of suicide - takes for all time in the worldwide.

Christianne Christianne
While I am impressed with the idea of using dihydrolipoic acid, a reduced form of alpha lipoic acid, which itself should be coupled with CoQ10 or possibly CoQ quinol (although my husband didn't notice a difference between CoQ10 and CoQ quinol) I am more concerned that the implication that taking the combination of CoQ quinol and dihydrolipoic acid will do anything significant to reverse the progression of PD. To date there is only one medication which has been clinically proven to slow the progression. There is only one therapy which might also restore some brain homeostasis and reduce reliance upon medication and that is intermittent. I don't know that your mother would be able to do this kind of exercise safely now. I have seen that if taken regularly and at moderately enough individual doses several times a day for CoQ10 and 2X a day for DHLA for either a total of 1/2 or 1 tsp per day, certain symptoms such as tremor will not progress and will abate during the day. The hope that I would hate to give you is that taking these nutritional supplements would enable to allow your mother to continue living on her own when her condition has progressed to a point where one of you feels that she no longer can. While it would be wonderful to improve the daily quality of her life, it is going to require the family pitching in to help her with possibilities. You don't indicate where you live or where your mother resides. How about other family members? Unless she recently retired (within the last 3 years, I believe) because she was unable to work, her past earnings should not be considered for nursing home facilities. Has anyone accompanied her to the meetings? If she has gone alone, she is not sick enough. If they have been phone interviews, someone needs to talk to a supervisor. Get the qualifying information in writing. You can check much information online: This is medicaid: http://seniorhealth.about.com/od/finding... http://www.medicaidhelp.com/ http://www.nursinghomeinfo.com/finance.h... Where does she live now? An apartment? How about a roommate who could live with her for a very reduced rent as long as she was available to assist your mother. Perhaps someone else who is retired and also living on a reduced income. If she doesn't have a second bedroom, if this arrangement is an option, perhaps a larger apartment would be a good idea. Could family help her move? I'm leary of this idea without frequent family monitoring but it might work. Who made the assessment that she is not "sick enough" to be in a nursing home? What does her neurologist say? There are rating scales to assess the condition of a person with parkinson's. All motion disorder specialists will have those scales. The common medical assessment is the Universal Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) recently revised. http://parkinsonsfocustoday.blogspot.com/2009/03/questions-about-parkinsons-disease-part_3744.html In terms of saving money: you didn't say what medications she was taking. It is possible that her medications - since most PD meds are not on that 400 or 500 list of generics that are discounted - you might contact the Patient Assistance program at each pharmaceutical company to see if she qualifies for their discount program. http://www.rxassist.org/ Below is a listing of clinical trials for Parkinson's. Sometimes there are trials need patients at her progression. There could be some benefit to this type of involvement: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=Parkinson%27s+disease This may also be the time - since the best time was probably a few years ago - to do a financial assessment of your mother's assets in order to enable the best possible care for her. Since you say "we" perhaps there are other family members around who can help. You should also take a look at the information available at the Parkinson's Disease Foundation: http://www.pdf.org/en/financial_planning http://www.pdf.org/en/resourcelink/category/Financial+Assistance+and+Other+Resources There is no question that this is a very difficult situation. I wish there were better answers but with the limited information in the question, it is even more difficult. I wish you and your family well and hope you can find some solutions.
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Avaline Avaline
Simply saying, I'm sorry to hear about your mom, is enough. Parkinson's is quite treatable and manageable and not a terminal condition. It's also not cancer. Michael J. Fox is a very well known actor with PD. He's alive and well.
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Avaline Originally Answered: How much longer do you think I'll live?
Hello there, Yes, as long as you have the desire to live, there is hope!! For starter, it is very positive that you have taken responsibility of your problem and is now seeking help. But help must come from the right source. As yours is a weight related problem, you should look for a good doctor for a start. A nutritionist will also be helpful in your case as over eating and wrong diets amongst other reasons are contributing to your health issues. Your doctor may eventually put you on some kind of weight reducing programn with help from physiothrapist. So do act now. You have the motivation - to get the best out of life - the hot girls, Jesey Beach & Laguna Beach need not be just images on your telly; you can be there in a healthy person and soak out the life.

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