How can I stop my wife's sister from visiting?

How can I stop my wife's sister from visiting? Topic: The sister wives
July 16, 2019 / By Jackaline
Question: They are really noisy and every time they stay over here they want to be here 3 weeks. A lot of things are usually broken. Her sister is really obnoxious and I despise my brother in law for not disciplining his family correctly. I told my wife she is not allowed to invite them for more than a couple of hours, but she told them they could stay longer. How can I stop this without creating a PR incident throughout her crazy family?
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Elva Elva | 3 days ago
Been in your shoes. Its not just your wife;s home, its yours too. Therefore y ou get a say in who becomes an overnight guest. Id sit down with her and make up some excuses that you can give the sister...anything from wife telling her that you are on anxiety meds as it is to you already have outof town guests coming in to youre in the process of remodeling. Say one of you are taking a college coourse and are studying for exams. Be creative. Offer to pay for their hotel room for a few nights. Gotta put your foot down. I recently had to turn down guests for the same reason and of course they were offended..didnt seem to buy my "we have no spare rooms" excuses but I dont care...and made it clear to hubby how insanly miserable I would be. I hate that people do this to others...dont they realize how inconvienant it is for an entire family to barge in on others lives for that long? **or offer to pay for your wife to go visit her sister instead*
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Christen Christen
Wow, what a tough situation. My wonder is why does your wife not support your feelings? Does she feel uncomfortable when they are visiting, or does she enjoy her things being busted? I might first trying to have a serious conversation with your wife, and see if you could come up with some type of compromise.I would think your wife should have respect for your thoughts, and realize this is your home too. If that does not work, the only last resort I can think of is, when they come over, you could say to your wife, you are leaving, and not coming home until they leave. I wish you the best & I really hope your wife will find a way to respect you feelings, if not maybe marriage counseling should be thought of. Good luck!
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Autumn Autumn
I have similar in-laws who unfortunately were allowed to move in with us. I suggest setting ground rules at the beginning of the visit and then telling them when it is time to go. It seems really rude to actually tell another adult that it's time for them to go home but when someone obviously has no social graces, being very direct goes a long way. You will also need to work on getting yourself on the same page with your wife. Good luck.
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Abbygale Abbygale
Not a whole lot you can do without becoming the "As*" of the family. How about taking a fishing/hunting/hiking trip while they are visiting so you aren't around for them to drive you crazy? My sympathies, I have a crazy sister-in-law, know what you mean!
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Stef Stef
visit them in the same manner go to their home three times a day each for seven hours for seven days a week and break everything you can touch and see how they react
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