Is this a perfect letter to be sent out?

Is this a perfect letter to be sent out? Topic: Product review writing service
July 16, 2019 / By Jacinth
Question: Hello, is this below letter is perfectly written? Is there any grammar mistakes need to be done? If there is, is there any good samaritan can re write it or prefect it for me. I owe you a million thanks! TQ Here is the letter: The Air/Freight/Courier Dispatch Manager, Dear Sirs: I obtained your contact details from > http://www. Kindly, review of your accounting records, and if you have noticed that you have spent a rather large amount of money simply for courier or air freight fees recently, mainly by your clients/customers ordering items in small quantities repeatedly. We merely are suggesting the cost of forwarding through courier or air freight often-ordered parts, spares or products by your clients who are in Malaysia, Thailand, etc to multiple addresses overseas, can be quite high. We have a proposal that can help you to save a lot of revenue on courier or airfreight charges you are spending. We are very much interested to purchase in bulk the spares, parts or products often ordered by , mainly by your clients/customers in small quantity repeatedly and resell it to your clients. This type of customer service can help us to make significant savings for your company. It is very economical, simple, and efficient to service your existing or new customers from a base in Malaysia. We also have the capacity to purchase your product stocks in volume, and we can forward using cheaper courier rates to your potential customers in neighbouring countries, which include: Thailand; Singapore; Indonesia; Philippines, should you receive inquiries from those regions. Try us out, and we have no doubt that you will be pleased with the results! We appreciate your business and wish our inter-company relationship to continue and be beneficial to both of our companies. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely,
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Elouise Elouise | 2 days ago
Kindly, review is a bit demanding. You don't need the comma or the word for and because you have asked a question by using if, that sentence really needs an answer. Perhaps- "You might have noticed from your accounting records that the cost of courier or air freight fees has increased recently, particularly if your clients reorder small quantities." And conventionally, if you address Dear Sir, you end Yours faithfully and if you address by name or title, you end Yours sincerely. Hope this helps.
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First of all, why don't you clean that shithole of a room you have. On a lighter, note...I would want to read that I'm beautiful and I have someone influenced a little aspect of him to change for the better. And also, thank her for taking time out of her day to write you a letter. Good luck! ;-)
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Elouise Originally Answered: Ladies.wat does the perfect letter say?
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Write it and one hundred% extremely, yet then delete it or toss it, do no longer deliver it. you may get all of it out of your gadget that way. you at the instant are not likely to get yet another hazard at love residing on hurting an ex. pass on. this is the perfect message to deliver and it does not take a letter.
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Whatever is in ur heart!!! For my 1 month ann. we went to a race and before that we made the best intimate love ever!!! Still together three years later!!=-]

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