Getting more creative when you smoke the herb?

Getting more creative when you smoke the herb? Topic: How to write a employee review examples
July 16, 2019 / By Ivvah
Question: I'm 17 and I may or may not smoke weed.. lol. I've always been a good artist, I come from a family of highly talented, and successful professional artists. I know that my grandfather smoked.. but my mother doesn't because it makes her paranoid. I've always been able to do art without getting high of course. But when I do.. I'm AMAZING. I come up with incredible ideas. They're not just good ideas to me when I'm stoned, they're good ideas in general and I always create amazing artwork! I do digital art.. which can generally take a while to do if you plan on lining it and doing full, developed color. Often, sober, I'll get frustrated and never finish an image. I'll lose concentration or get frustrated with something and have no motivation to fix it because it's a lost cause so I'll trash it and start over. I go through phases of this cycle and it's absolutely miserable! I'll also go through periods of art block where I won't even be able to think of anything creative.. no concepts at all. It drives me nuts. Don't get me wrong, I do have an amazing attention span sober. I was in a drawing class and we sat and drew this one room for four hours straight with one break, I loved it and didn't think we had enough time! The other people were wishing it was over the entire time lol. So.. to address the issue of being unable to think of concepts or finish art sometimes... I don't know how well that's going to go over in college lol. I'm planning on going to RISD. I know that I can get in and all. Lets assume that I've been accepted. It's in a city.. there are buildings everywhere. I was reading their drug policy plus a few student reviews (though I could really only find two of those) where it seems that people say there isn't much of a "drug scene", though I wouldn't consider the use of canibus to be part of the "drug scene". I mean, it's an art school.. doesn't everyone smoke weed there? I'm just worried about this because I don't want to be unable to. I'm not dependent or anything, currently I really only do it once a month or so... but if I need to keep creating art, I might want to do it more. What's the status with this at art schools usually? Does everyone do it? How about in the art field? What types of artists use it most.. do concept artists? Hell, do the people who work for companies like Pixar do it too? I don't mean like on the job.. but at home to come up with the ideas. I wouldn't ever go to class or work baked! I hate it when people do that.
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Ellery Ellery | 7 days ago
There's plenty of history of drugs and drinking among artists, but so much of this gets misinterpreted and mythologized into the romantic notion of a painter, writer, musician who creates something incredible while under the influence, as if it's something they could never do on their own. But so often this is not exactly the case. Take the random example of The Beatles. They started smoking weed and dropping acid, and then made the most incredible work - Revolver, Sgt. Pepper - they basically popularized the whole psychedelic movement. But were they high in the studio? No. It's well documented that The Beatles wrote hundreds of songs, performed for thousands of hours, and became masters of what they do before they ever got into drugs. They didn't start with weed at 17 and go on from there. There's a mythology of Jazz musicians like Miles Davis and Charlie Parker and their heroin use. But same goes for them - they were born as regular people and made themselves into geniuses of their art through thousands of hours of practice, hard work, experimentation. And then came the drinking and drugs. It destroyed one of them and nearly destroyed the other. There's SO many cases of people producing crappy work while high, and just as many of people who slow down or stop working when they're under the influence. So to answer your question – no, art schools do not teach smoking and drinking. No, pixar employees do not get high to create, they do it at home.
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Ellery Originally Answered: Cigarette smoke in a "smoke free" building.what can I do?
Hmm, well that is false advertising in a way, you should see someone of higher authority and then speak with the land lord, if you dont want to take it to far then light some inscents around the house, they work WONDERS on covering up smell and also help to relax you :)

Christabel Christabel
You are young and starting to experience a little more than family and friend relationships.Don't let weed become a habit.Modifiying your life to suit the occasion.Any habit does the same thing where we specifically arrange everything around it.Sounds like your mind is getting lazy when sober.A drawing class is not the same as creating "conceptual" work under pressure.As a student you aren't earning an income.Reality check in College/Uni.The Arts industry today is extremely competitive. Do some research.There are procedures, company guidelines,deadlines,no 9-5,sometimes 3days solid,not going home(pizza for dinner in the studio)until work is completed.Burnout,plagiarism,in-house politics and all the usual society demands we all have to face.Find out before you jump in.
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Augusta Augusta
And what happens when you come to rely on it as a "creative" crutch, when you believe that you cannot even begin a project without some? You already have the creative urges and concepts – they do not spring from the drug use. If you want to you can find a way of accessing them that does not involve smoking weed. Yes many artists and designers and students smoke weed and use other drugs, few, who are successful, rely on them. Naturally in the prurient atmosphere that presides in most institutions all colleges and companies will have to be seen not condoning illegal drug use by their students, members of staff or employees.
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Abbigael Abbigael
Kubla Khan was written by Coleridge under the influence of opium. Drugs squelch the inhibitions and let your thoughts flow, collide , and mutate into fantastic images , words , and thoughts. Talented people like to use drugs because it's part of their nature to try the novel. Unfortunately, there's the downside - they can ruin your life. You might be able to achieve the same kaleidoscope of thought through meditation.
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Stafford Stafford
It dulls the mind. Would you be more creative (AND able to handle your media) when drunk? Not likely. Same is true for weed, it dulls the mind down and you lose that critical edge in creativity.
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