Need help with family problems.?

Need help with family problems.? Topic: Homework you stink
July 15, 2019 / By Isolde
Question: So my i feel like my family are A$$holes, My mom doesnt trust me, because she always barges into my room, looks at my computer monitor to see what im doing, then leaves. and if she hears anything sexual like me and my buddies joking around she comes in and says "What are you doing!?". My brother is 18 and he constantly is putting me down, he doesnt do **** for me. He talks behind my back and makes fun of me infront of my step brothers and his friends. Hes stronger, smarter, and he is older, so i cant do anything about it. My parents (I think) are afraid to tell him to stop. And my dad i feel like is a control freak. Im sick of him telling me what to do constantly. I know.. im 15 and im not doing to hot in school, But he is sooo loud and friggin scarry when he gets all mad at me. Some people say that im young and that i still need to do what my parents tell me. But i am sick of doing everything they say. When i forgot to do some homework and im on my way home, I feel scared and i dont want to go home. And he starts freaking out, i go into my room and lock my door to avoid him yelling and swearing. But he just unlocks it with the key. I feel so weak and scared. And its been like this for almost 5 years. I dont know that to do. Please give me some advice!
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Eliza Eliza | 2 days ago
Girl, I know exactly what you feel. Im in search for some advice to. Like the simplest thing my mom seems to have to get at me for. What she does to me embarrasses me or annoys me. Like one time at my 16th birthday party she asked for a knife and a brought the wrong, because I couldn't really understand her so I got anything, and she yelled at me in front of everyone for no damn reason. I can't stand no one in my house, I miss my big brother, even though sometimes he gets on my nerves asking about boys and school, but my life would be so much better, because I like his friends, and I"d be able to do more in school such as sports and stuff but my mom's schedule is so messed up I can't do anything or go anywhere. Anyways, he's away in college, he's 21. No one in this house has respect for me, my grandma, my mom and little sister. My mom and grandma tells everyone I have no manners, so my mom's friends look at me in a bad way, and they feel they could talk to me anyway as if they're scolding me. That's one thing I hate too. Just today I was standing in the kitchen sharing out my dinner, and my mom goes "Move out the way". So I go "Please??" She goes yeah that too, and she wasn't even playing around, and I go so rude, and she just shook her head. We're Jamaican, and my grandma classes me and cuss at me like, " Dutty gal, tin mackerel, dutty dog, stink a$s", and such forth. My little sister will be rude to me sometimes and get away with it, she know I don't play with her, and she know I'll tear that a$s up, but she tests me in front of my mom, grandma or aunt especially. My aunt is a bytch, and she spoils her. My mom doesn't spoil her but she can't stand me so much she makes it look like she does. My mom calls me bytch too. Just rude people, I have to admit I have noticed behavior changes, but I know I'm good because after I'm done with it, I go to my room and let my anger out then cry because I'm tired of being mistreated!! But I realize my behavior is getting worse though, and I try to stop, but it's hard when you have ADULTS disrespecting you in your face that way. (dutty=dirty, tin mackerel=dirty girl or stink fish) Yeah so you can e-mail me if you'd like if anything comes up and by the way, tell them how you feel. Because if I get in trouble for back-chatting my grandma I break down and cry and tell them she shows me no respect, which EVERYONE knows, but I guess I still have to respect her. But I'm not gonna though.
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Eliza Originally Answered: Family problems?
I really feel you should talk to your mother, express your feelings. I wish I could tell you exactly how she'll feel/react but I can't; however, from what you've said I highly doubt she'll be mad at you. I also recommend what Melanie suggests, talk to your brother, he might feel all alone with similar feelings to yours. I wish you the best of luck, and I understand not liking your other siblings and in my opinion (just my opinion), you should NOT be forced to be all to have this sibling bond with them, relationships shouldn't be forced, I know that for sure. **My Experience** I experienced some issues with my step-mother, especially during the first couple years of her marriage to my dad, she was forced on me. My younger siblings saw her as a mother-figure and even called her "mom", I didn't feel the same and for those couple years I never said a word, which caused even more problems and pain. I finally decided to have sit down with my dad and expressed how I felt, he wasn't happy that I wasn't ready to impress with wife has my mom (my mother hasn't been much of a mother to me, she's been more of a cool aunt. My dad had hoped I'd instantly impress having a mom-figure.) HOWEVER, he accepted and respected my feelings. They stopped forcing my step-mom on me, and gradually I was able to establish a good step-parent-step-child relationship, not perfect but good. I like her and we have a good time when we hang out.
Eliza Originally Answered: Family problems?
tell your mom, she won't be mad , she'll be disappointed that she let these feelings get to you. tell her how you hate them and cry a little. don't be afraid after its all done you'll be alright. check with your brother too, what if he gets these same feelings and self harms too? it isn't always visible ya know

Chonsie Chonsie
do you % a huge relatives? I in no way needed a extensive relatives, I even have 4 toddlers and that i'm getting reactions from some human beings like i had 14! lol it is marvelous what some human beings evaluate "extensive". How great is 'adequate'? for me...3 grew to become into adequate, yet one snuck in there...LOL he's lovable nonetheless so i think of we will shop 'em. What might i call them? nicely..they *are* named Kyle David, Brandon JonGuard, Delaney Josephine and Hayden Ronald. they are named for relatives. basically concept i might upload...i swore i might in no waycontinual a mini van too, yet there is no way that 4 teenagers will slot in an SUV conveniently esp once you're dealing with booster chairs. and as nicely, mini autos are a helluva lot safer than SUVs...my teenagers risk-free practices is greater significant than my arrogance. and that i in my view dislike the coverage costs on SUVs as nicely. I rock my minivan LOL (it isn't any longer undesirable looking the two a 2004 Nissan Quest V6), ill be upgrading in 2010 nonetheless :) the two oldest are teenager and tween so momma gets her exciting wheels in a 300 and sixty 5 days.
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Chonsie Originally Answered: Family problems.what do I do?
From reading what you've put it looks a bit like you mum has tried to be good in your favor even though you did ask her to wake you up and I know how that feels because trust me I've had it done to me before too. Maybe also you've just taken what your dad has said to you slightly the wrong way or maybe he just had a few things on his mind. When this happened to me I sat down with my mum and tried to explain what I felt with just her as even though we don't always get on I can talk to my mum about personal problems if this is the opposite way round for you you can always sit down and talk to your dad alone. Perhaps both parents if you want. My mum then discussed it with her husband separately and the problem was finally solved. Don't be afraid of talking to your parents about it, you might feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning but once it's off your chest you'll feel better. Perhaps also try and ask them to arrange a day where you can go for a walk with them all as a family to familiarize yourself with the area so your mind is settled and you know where you are and how to get back and forth. All I can say is that try and keep your phone with you most of the time too and that your parents must believe in you to be responsible enough to leave you on your own. You could also talk about this at the time. You can't stop it from happening again but maybe from you telling them about you being upset and scared it'll probably give them a little push to think more carefully next time. Hope this helps :)
Chonsie Originally Answered: Family problems.what do I do?
I'm sorry you got scared. You need to really sit down with your family and talk to them about this. If they do not listen, I'd just force myself to wake up earlier.

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