How do i go about finding a doctor?

How do i go about finding a doctor? Topic: Just in case staffing minneapolis minnesota
May 26, 2019 / By Isadora
Question: i need to find a Fertility Specialist and a Family Practice Doctor, how do i go about finding one and info about them? I live in Minneapolis,MN and really do not know where to start since there are so many Hospitals around here. i have a Fertility Specialist but he is in South Dakota, he suggested i find a new doctor. he told me they would talk to he partners and see who they highly recommend, so i know he will send me to the right people, but i just want a backup in case i don't like them
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Eliane Eliane | 9 days ago
You live in Minnesota, so my advice would be to contact the Mayo Clinic. Ask them if they have a list of associated fertility specialists with whom they work. A question... do you first need a family doctor and you're going to want this doctor to refer you to a fertility specialist? If that's the case, you need to find a family doctor first. And quite honestly, you might want to work with a gynecologist first instead of a family doc. In that case, look in your local phone book to see who does gynecology and specializes in fertility issues. Ask around, see what you can hear from friends. Google him or her. And.... make an appointment to just go in and "meet the staff and doctor". See if you get a good feel from the way you're treated. If so, then proceed with an appointment for history and a complete reproductive exam. Good luck. :) John Jones, M.D.
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Chita Chita
Call your insurance company and have them recommend a doctor. That way you aren't finding a doctor through the yellow pages or yahoo answers.It will be the right answer.
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Aston Aston
How I found my Doctor was I looked it the phone book. Then I went to different Doctors till I found one that I liked and was comfy with.
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