I need help!(Kind of long)?

I need help!(Kind of long)? Topic: Air paper review
July 16, 2019 / By Irma
Question: I really want a pet ferret,but my parents are saying no until i change their minds. Now my parents main problem is the money to support the ferret. I know everything there is to know about ferrets,and i read ferrets for dummies,cover to cover,three times! And i am trying to raise enough money to get myself started. How much money do you think i need? And can i please have a list of everything just in case,so i dont forget anything? Lastly,what things should i do to convince them to say yes?
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Elfa Elfa | 4 days ago
Ferrets: $100. First Time Supplies: $200-500. (Cages, brushes, water bottle, food, cage accessories) First time vet vaccinations cost around $60. Yearly Cost: $100 on food, $50 on litter, $50 on treats and toys, and $120 on vet check ups (Ferrets require check ups because they don't show signs of illnesses until it is usually too late). Check List: Cage Cage Suggestion: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.js... This is a very, very common cage and it has the best reviews of all ferret cages. It's a bit expensive, but a really great and cheap deal for the sturdiness and the safety of this cage. Food and Water Bottle Food Suggestion: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.js... I use this brand for my rabbits, and it is the healthiest brand there is. My rabbits love it. Also, most small animal pet foods are very fattening and unhealthy because they have extra little treats and green things and seeds that are 80% of the food, and that's really unhealthy. I'd suggest getting a bag of the mixed unhealthy food and taking about two cups of it and mixing it with the food I suggested above. That's what I do with my rabbits. ** You'll also want a feeder like this: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.js... and not a ceramic bowl, because ferrets will usually just knock those down. I have the feeder I linked for my rabbits, and it works great. I love it, and I don't have a single problem with it. ** Water bottle suggestion: http://www.petco.com/Shop/Product.aspx?sku=1077775&CoreCat=Accessories_Product I have this water bottle for my rabbits, and it works great. If you want to pay an extra $3, you can get a safeguard for it that works great. It prevents animals from chewing on the water bottle, which a lot of ferret, rabbit and chinchilla owners have a problem with. Cage accessories: http://www.petco.com/product/10501/Marshall-Pet-Polar-Fleece-Hanging-Ferret-Nap-Sack.aspx?CoreCat=certona-_-ProductList_Ferret_4-_-Marshall%20Pet%20Polar%20Fleece%20Hanging%20Ferret%20Nap%20Sack-10501 http://www.petco.com/product/12203/Marshall-Pet-Ferret-Cozy-Igloo.aspx?CoreCat=certona-_-productdetail_2-_-Marshall%20Pet%20Ferret%20Cozy%20Igloo-12203 Ferrets love soft cloth to lay in, and these are great hideouts and hangers for your ferret to have. Ferrets also love cat toys. Like, a lot. So anything a cat would enjoy, that is something you should seriously consider getting your ferret. So... A Feeder Food A Water bottle A cage A litterbox Litter (You can also use news paper, but there's a debate rather that is unsafe or not because of the ink. I just use Aspen bedding.) A Blanket/Hanger/Hideout Toys Treats Sanitation wipes Animal Safe Air "Cleaners" (Febreez makes a special can for animals that works great.) Nail Clippers Kwik-Stop Convincing your parents: I am in something called the FFA, where we do much work with the agriculture of America, where we travel around the country and world teaching about animals. It's proven that when surrounded by animals that require a ton of attention and balancing your grades really gives you a level of maturity and responsibility, and prepares you for the future even if it doesn't involve animals. It teaches you that even if your way over your head, you have a responsibility to everything that you rely on and relies on you. Prove to your parents that you care about your future above all else, and that you sincerely believe you can balance everything by spending more time on homework and individual studies. Expressing interest in a life of Agriculture ([ag-ri-kuhl-cher] The science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock; farming.) doesn't hurt either(: Raising money for a ferret: Christmas is just around the corner! Ask for Petco and Petsmart gift cards; That's what I'm doing. You can also try using your talents to gain money, ask all your friends and relatives for a dollar, do chores for family members, sell on eBay, trade video games for money at Game stores, take back bottles and pop cans, sell some old books. About ferrets' personalities: The girl above about the guy's earlobe is a true story; I told that story on here earlier because that guy that this happened to was my father. He was an hour late coming home from work (He always let his ferret out about six hours a day) and when he went to let the little guy out, the ferret bit his earlobe in half and so my dad had to get rid of him. However, he had adopted that ferret from his friend who couldn't keep him anymore, so I suspect that the ferret didn't have any biting training... All ferrets have different personalities. Some are pretty vicious, and some never bite their entire lives. You have to be careful about what ferret you get, and make sure you buy them young.
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Cheryl Cheryl
It's not about the money to get started. Ferrets are expensive to care for. You have to buy a high quality kitten food for them or a ferret food, and they eat a lot. You can't get crap from the grocery store. The cheapest high quality food you can get is Purina One Kitten food. You have to get the ferret rabies shots and also distemper. If the ferret isn't already fixed, you have to get that done. Vets for ferrets are expensive. You need a large cage so the ferret can run around, and special litter, as well as special cloth for bedding and hammocks. You need toys and tunnels - all expensive, as is the cage. That's over $100, or else you bought a shitty cage. You need ear cleaner. You need nail clippers, you need topical flea and tick meds. You need an experienced vet to make heartworm meds for your ferret because they can get heartworms. You need to take the ferret to the vet once a year, minimum. Plus, and here's the kicker, ferrets have a lot of health problems, so you'll be taking the ferret to the vet way more often for expensive treatment. If you're parents are tight on money, NO PET IS RIGHT FOR YOU! Not a ferret, a dog, etc. Basically, you need a couple of thousand in a savings account to get started and in case the ferret has health problems, and you need a way to make money to keep the account with plenty of money. It's not like a couple of thousand of dollars is all you ever need. Ferrets get cancer, adrenal disease, respiratory infections, etc. Do you even have a ferret vet in your area? Why don't you call them and ask for prices? Now, here's the biggest reason you don't need a ferret. Chances are, you have no idea how to ferret proof a house. You're either going to kill your ferret because you're going to do something wrong or not be careful enough, or your ferret is going to chew on some rubber or foam, get a blockage, and need expensive surgery on its intestines. If you don't have rich parents, NO PET FOR YOU!!!!!!
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Ashtaroth Ashtaroth
I love ferrets! Good choice! They are a little expensive at first, cost of the ferret and cage (as well as spay/neuter and shots if they don't already have these). After the initial cost it's just paying for food (scrap veggies are nice for them too), vet fees and any toys you want to get for them (they seem to play with nearly anything shiny, and love to steal keys). I'd go the pet store you expect to buy your ferret from and ask them about initial costs and maintenance. I think that if you took one of you're parents with you to the pet store and gave them the opportunity to meet some ferrets (or if you have a friend that has one) they would love them instantly! You sound like you are trying to be responsible and are excited to have one! Good luck :) No one that I've known that has had ferrets (4 people) were rich, and none of us (out of a total of 11 ferrets) had any major health issues associated with the ferrets aside from regular check-ups. They all lived >9 years. You may have to ferret-proof your house a bit, but that's something you'll learn as you go, don't be discouraged.
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Zophai Zophai
geez Don't have to be so mean and pushy. I don't have a ferret but heres a reason u might want to rethink getting a ferret. They're viscious! Here's two true stories for you. 1: When my Aunts brother was bending down to get his ferret out of the cage it latched on to his cheek and ripped it off. BTW he didn't do anything to piss it off!!! 2:If u didn't read the story on this website earlier a ferret bit a guys earlobe off just for being an hour late home from work....and fyi. ferret Cages aren't cheap A decent one is atleast 80 to 100 and ive heard these animals prefer to have another ferret wth them.
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