Could the United States Navy be the answer to all of my problems? Military Recruiters especially?

Could the United States Navy be the answer to all of my problems? Military Recruiters especially? Topic: Nasa researches for money
July 16, 2019 / By Irene
Question: Hi I'm a current sophomore in NJROTC. Rank of E-4. I'm a big dreamer, and have many goals in life. Now I'm epic smart, on the top of my class, and have insane dedication and moral integrity. Basically in my lifetime, I want to be a doctor, at least an O-7 or up, be the Commanding Officer for something, have legit military martial arts skills, be a famous musician(I've already pretty much mastered piano, and know how to play the bugle), make a load of money and be an astronaut. I've researched a lot, and I found that the Navy could do most of this... Should I hoin the Medical Corps in the Navy? I heard they make you an Ensign really fast, skipping all the Navy Academy stuff, and when you graduate you become an O-3, and you are a doctor pretty much. However would they train me martial arts or force me to work on medic duty? Also I'm not sure if the promotions are fast, that's a biggy, I want out of the Navy asap and want to be really high up. I love my country, but I have a big to-do list. Plus how the hell would that get me to being an Astronaut for the Navy? Does the Navy let you do whatever you want as long as you have the will to learn or what? I don't want to be forced into some dead end crap... If anyone is a military recruiter then I'd appreciate it, as well as anyone else with experience or input.
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Best Answers: Could the United States Navy be the answer to all of my problems? Military Recruiters especially?

Eleonor Eleonor | 3 days ago
You WILL NEVER skip the Academy, smh. And you WILL NEVER just become a doctor, no matter how easy it may sound in your research. You seem to have a lot of dreams, and need to come down on one. In the Navy you can only change your job after every THREE WORKING YEARS. Seems like you like the medical field, however, I will say from personal experience, Navy's medical classes are more hype, and be prepared to stay on the base where you were at boot camp for, for a LOT longer than you expected, and be expecting to be continually treated like ****. Promotions are based on performance evaluations, as well as exams, that are not incredibly difficult, but not quite easy either. And if you want to be an Astronaut, good luck doing that in the Navy. There is speculation that the Air Force is going to take over NASA. That may be where you belong. The AF has coreman as well, but they call them something different.
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Cherry Cherry
You do not join the medical corps as a doctor unless you are a doctor and have passed your boards. This requires 8 years of school. 4 undergrad and 4 medical school. There is no short cut for this. The Navy has scholarships for medical school for those who have finished their 4 years undergrad and who have been accepted to medical school. If you get the scholarship, you are paid as an O-1 to O-2. You are required to do some military training during your summers off from med school. When you graduate and pass your boards, you come in as an O-3. You have to do some "basic" training for Navy docs. You are then assigned to a residency and you then serve between 6 to 8 years of active duty. You can either continue on active duty or you can go into the reserves as a drilling reserve or You can go through medical school through the Navy via a scholarship. The Army and Air Force both offer this. I also worked in a medical school and understand what is needed. I read that the poster thinks that he can join the medical corps right out of high school and become a doctor. You cannot do that unless you are a doctor. Also, if NASA is still around, if he was a Naval Doctor, he could apply to be a flight surgeon and go to NASA. a big chunk of NASA crew members come from the Navy.
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Ashlynn Ashlynn
Lololololol You may be "epic smart" but you know as much about life as a 6 year old. Grow up a bit. So, you only want to be a doctor, high ranking commanding officer, astronaut, famous musician, researcher, and rich. What, you mean you dont want to win the noble prize and be a basketball star too? Got to dream big. Life is full of decisions, kiddo, and if you think that your going to achieve your "dreams" than your going to live a very disappointing life. I would take some time to think about your future before you enter the "big boy world". Join the navy? Sure, thats a good, realistic, Noble goal. Be a navy admiral-astronaut-famous musician-kung foo panda-doctor-researcher just sounds like a little kid saying "i want to be a pirate ninja king, in space!" You want to be out of the navy real fast? Wtf? Do you even have a clue on what you want to do with your life? Want to spend some 20 years to achieve a rank just so you could say to your friends "hey lookie guys. Ima admiral. Now its time to quit and go be a muscian." god go and mature a little.
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Zion Zion
You have a lot of goals but they may interfere with each other. You sound like you have some growing up to do if you really want to be in the military though. You can't focus just on ranking up quickly. You have to earn your rank and in order to do that you have to be someone people can follow. You are very good at pointing out your "resume" and that can sometimes become a problem in the military. I do think you have potential but you need to make sure you get to college first and foremost. The military will throw you many curve balls and it is dealing with them that can make or break you. Someonee - Air Force medics are called "Aerospace Medical Technicians." To the original poster, you need to figure out what you want to do and go for it. You can't be a medical doctor, corpsman, astronaut, musician, researcher and professor of everything. Especially if you join the military you are not going to have time to do much more than the job that was selected for you.
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