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Bridesmaid in wedding? Topic: The sister in bridesmaids
July 20, 2019 / By Indiana
Question: 4 years ago I was the MOH in my best at the times wedding. Since her wedding, she has moved away, we have grown apart and I have been dating the guy I am going to marry. She has met him maybe 10 times in the last 4 years. I have asked my two best friends and sister to stand up in my wedding as they know me, my fiance and us as a relationship. They are the people I talk to on a daily basis and feel should be in my wedding. Do I owe it to my friend from college to be in my wedding because I was her maid of honor? How should I include her in the wedding with having her as a bridesmaid? I am nervous she is going to be mad.
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Elayne Elayne | 7 days ago
I don't think so. I am not asking 3 people who's wedding I was in, and I'm still having 6 bridesmaids. I wish I only had three or so.
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Elayne Originally Answered: Wedding-bridesmaid?
You're young, so there isn't alot to be expected of you. But to help out you can assist in planning (help pay for too) the shower/s, staggette party (bachelorette party), the day of you are basically at their beckon call, she says come you better come! You might need to have a speech (maid-of-honor especially) ready too. Don't sweat it. It's a day to get all dolled up in a fun dress and take pictures. Go with it, just ask your future sister in law "is there anything I can do to help".

Cherice Cherice
No. Just because you were HER MOH doesn't mean that you have to choose her for yours. If you still want to make her feel included, ask her to be a bridesmaid. If not, just invite her to be part of your special day. She moved away. It may be hard for her to be there for you as your MOH. :)
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Ashlee Ashlee
If she has been your friend for so long call her up and see what she would like to do, and throw in that you didn't want to stress her wit hall the running back and forth since she lives so far away but your wedding wouldn't be whole if she wasn't in the bridal party.
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Zephania Zephania
Send her a wedding invitation via mail or offer her a reader/hostess or guest book attendant position. Good luck
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Skye Skye
I am getting married in May and I need to keep reminding myself it is OUR day! Don't do it just because you were in hers. Have her read something instead. My fiancee's best man is having him be in his wedding but my fiancee is worried it is just because he is his best man. That isn't a good feeling either.
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Skye Originally Answered: How much should a bridesmaid pay for their part in a wedding ceremony?
Honestly, it really depends on this troublesome bridesmaid's budget. If I were in her shoes, I know I wouldn't be able to fork out $210 on this stuff. I'm definitely not saying it's not important that the bride has her wedding as she wants it, but if this bridesmaid is truly having monetary problems, perhaps some people should pitch in to get this bridesmaid's stuff taken care of? For instance, I have a bridesmaid in my wedding who has to travel 800 miles to be in my wedding. She's a sweetheart, but she's not the richest girl in the world, either. So we set her up with a family member who has a guest room, and I paid for her bridesmaid dress. I knew she couldn't afford all the expenses, so we helped her out. On top of that, all of my bridesmaids (except the one listed above) have children. None of them can afford things like hair, makeup, etc. So I just told them to do their own hair, own makeup, if they so choose. A wedding is a beautiful thing, and it's very unfortunate that this bridesmaid is getting everyone rustled up...but perhaps her troubles are stemming from lack of money? It never hurts to ask her if she needs some help paying for things. Even if you girls pitch in a few bucks for her hair or makeup, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. A lot of people put off the show that they have money, when they actually don't. Instead, they lash out by being impossible...just to try to avoid forking out money. I'm not agreeing with what she's doing. In all honesty, she'd drive me nuts if she were my bridesmaid. But try to work with her, at least to take some stress off of the bride. Taking stress off the bride is also part of you lady's responsibilities, too. :) Just approach this bridesmaid in a non-threatening manner and see if you guys can't figure out what's going on. I'm sure the bride will appreciate your help a LOT. Good luck!! xoxo

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