I need some songs for a story I'm writing?

I need some songs for a story I'm writing? Topic: Example writing a summary
July 16, 2019 / By India
Question: I need some goods songs to keep the mood going for a story I'm writing, because I find that it helps to listen to music that relates to what I'm writing. So here's the summary to my story: Maybe he was right... Maybe I'll never change. I loved him, and I thought he loved me. But I'm just a mess, a lost cause; I have absolutely no where to run, probably due to my fear of judgement.  No one understands, because no one can walk in my feet. "I don't forgive you." Those four words burned worse than any flame.  I know I made mistakes. But I forgave his, because I loved him. Now mine on the other hand? Nope. He didn't forgive mine. And if he really loved me, he would. I was prepared for this all week. He left me. I saw it coming. I thought I could dodge it. I couldn't. I want to end my life, because I think he was right. "You'll never change." -- Thank you!
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Elanor Elanor | 6 days ago
Adele clearly. Heartbroken girl - there's no-one with quite so much of it, (Someone Like You, Don't You Remember) except maybe the songs Kelly Clarkson (These Hazel Eyes) used to write. Another is probably Taylor Swift (Back to December). If they aren't your sort of music (like me) then some of The Killer's music is appropriate, for example the song 'Romeo and Juliet', its not actually about two starcrossed lovers but uses some of the ideas from the play. 'Mr Brightside' is probably appropriate, (although Romeo and Juliet more so). The song '22' by Lily Allen could be good, the song is about a girl stuck in a bad situation she feels helpless to change which seems similar to the sample above. That's about all I can think of at the moment. Hope some of it helps!
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Elanor Originally Answered: Writing a story and need songs for... inspiration?
Stars - Hum The Fall Pt 2 - A Verse Unsung Crawling - Linkin Park I'm On The Outside - Staind So Far Away - Crossfade Theses are just a few that come to mind. I always think of songs to go with all my characters too! It helps me understand them better. :)
Elanor Originally Answered: Writing a story and need songs for... inspiration?
Puddle Of Mudd - Psycho http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU_JyGBDe... Lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/p/puddl... Hey, it fits. Good luck!

Cheri Cheri
The songs- a million. Circle- Incubus two.Escape- Metallica three. Into one other existence- A dozen furies four.To the fallen hero- God forbid five. Needle- Chimaira 6.10 Years at present- Bullet for my valentine 7. The Enemy- Godsmack eight.Pain Redefined- Disturbed The tale- She positioned the (five) needle to her arm for what gave the look of the millionth time that day. The (two) break out from a truth that she had certainly not requested for. The liquid within the tube bringing her (three)into one other existence. A existence with out fear, with out anguish, with out...something. Memories of the beyond wither away like shadows as she leans again onto the sofa. His voice telling her the matters she did not want to listen to. How she was once killing herself and no longer serving to a unmarried factor. She did not care. Then, she had, however no longer anymore. Not now that the needle had touched her epidermis leaving at the back of not anything greater than a miniscule (a million)circle. She smiled as she imagined his face. She lengthy in the past. It might no longer had been greater than 2 hours due to the fact she had heard his voice, but at present, with the needle positioned down at the desk, it felt like ten years. Ten yr, yeah. (6)Ten Years at present due to the fact she had heard the voice of her angel. Gone now, like such a lot of fallen heroes. She smiled as she notion approximately that final element. Yes, she regardless that, this needle might cross out (five)to the fallen hero. Her fallen hero. Now the hero was once no longer a character. It was once simply the needle, which had rolled onto the ground. The needle, only a unnecessary reminder now that the happiness settled into her. Yet, even now, she knew that whatever was once improper. This wasn't the best way that it was once meant to occur. COuld her hero have emerge as (7)the enemy? The factor that had taken away all of her harm, as a substitute simply redefining it. Pain...(eight)Pain redefined. She could not attention. She attempted to face, but might do little greater than raise her palms. Screaming was once out of the query for the needle had parched her throught. Slowly, ever so slowly, she pale into blackness. .................... He located her mendacity there most effective moment later and knew precisely what had occurred. His love, death at the flooring. KNeeling down beside her he screamed for aid that he knew might certainly not come.
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rewind by nas ****as bleed by biggie blaze a 50 by nas casualties of a dice game by big L warning by biggie the forest and wildflower by ghost face damien and the omen by DMX murder was the case by snoop dog maxine by ghost face feat reakwon i used to love H.E.R by common on the run by kool g rap
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a million. searching for You - Kirk Franklin 2. clarification for respiration - Babyface 3. Loveable - Kenny Latimore and Shantae Moore 4. whilst Will that's Me - Yasmeen 5. How Do I Breathe - Mario 6. quickly - Moonpools and Caterpillars 7. Ren - Moonpools and Caterpillars 8. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls 9. save this evening - Eagle Eye Cherry 10. Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader 11. Dare you to bypass - Switchfoot 12. in easy terms wish - Switchfoot 13. sometime we are going to understand - Mandy Moore Thats a duplicate of the suitable answer of my question, which became precisely like yours lol. in case you desire you may bypass look into my thread thingy i think and notice what individuals stated too. i became in that temper in the previous adn i became downloading 1000's of what they stated. stable success!

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