Should I switch my research paper topic?

Should I switch my research paper topic? Topic: How to find good sources for research papers
July 20, 2019 / By Ina
Question: In my 8th grade English class, we picked from a list of topics to do a research paper on that also is also persuading readers why this item should stay in the Smithsonian Museums or The National Holocaust Museum. The topic I picked was the replica of the Auschwitz Gate, found in the Holocaust Museum. The problem is, as I research I don't find out much about the gate. The stuff I find is generally on Auschwitz itself, and only a sentence or two on the gate that is the same information repeated from site to site. Would it be smarter to switch my topic to something easier, such as Abraham Lincoln's top hat? The one downfall is that I would have to ask my teacher, and I really hate talking to teachers, but maybe it's worth it. So, the main question is if I should switch my topics because of lack of good information. Thank you for all your answers
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Elaine Elaine | 5 days ago
It depends on how long the paper needs to be. If it needs to be like 10 pages, then yes, you should find a topic you're more confident about. But if it's only a couple of pages, I think you can pull it off. Rather than looking for information about the gate specifically, talk about what it represented to those inside. Don't be afraid to use a lot of commentary. For "concrete details" you can use survivors accounts. I'm sure you can find testimonials from people who were in the camp, if you're lucky they'll mention the gate specifically. I can't remember if he was in the specific camp, but Elie Wiesel wrote several books about his experiences. Even if you don't find reference to that specific gate, you can use accounts from other camps, just mention how auschwitz was the most notorious camp and therefore the gate is a great representation of the hopelessness suffered by all those held there. You can also talk about how the gate being at the museum is symbolic in itself. To have removed it from it's position, it is no longer functioning and therefore represents the freedom of all those that would have been held behind it. If you need sources, they don't have to specifically be about the gate. Just find someone with an opinion about it or someone who supports the opinion you have. Good Luck.
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