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Song dedication? Topic: Writing letter songs
July 20, 2019 / By Ilene
Question: My friend Lizzy wants to write her crush a letter made of song lyrics, and my help. Does anybody know any songs we could use for this? Thanks for your help!
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Eileen Eileen | 2 days ago
I would advise you to not use any songs thats just corny and usally guys will think thats corny to.
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Chelsey Chelsey
How old is your friend lizzy? there are better ways to let a guy know that she likes him. I know some old ones, Desparado by The eagles or check out some lyrics by Bryan Adams "Straight from the Heart" or "do i have to say the words"
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Aryana Aryana
tell her to write her own song. that's much more creative than copying something other people have already done. it would be especially cute if she would perform it for him. that would certainly get the message across.
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