Do female rats stink, this question is for people who own or used to own rats?

Do female rats stink, this question is for people who own or used to own rats? Topic: Dr paper review
July 16, 2019 / By Ileen
Question: do they have a unpleasant smell and will you notice them there? i use to have two male mice and they skunk so bad, i didnt know they would smell like that but it was so strong. i know the males smell worst then the females but i literally had to change the cage every two days and it still didnt help. so i want to know if the rats smell better ? even though mickey and nugget skunk they were still great pets !! actually gerbils have the least smell out of all the other rodents, and it's true. when i had my male gerbil i didnt smell a thing nobody knew he was in the room. it's because gerbils dont go to the bathroom as much as other rodents.
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Best Answers: Do female rats stink, this question is for people who own or used to own rats?

Eglantine Eglantine | 1 day ago
No, does do not smell the same as bucks because they do not scent mark nor do they have any additional aromas. To control normal rodent odor, though, it will help to spot clean the tinkle/poo areas nightly. Also, paper-based bedding does a better job than wood-based bedding to control the smell because it neutralizes odor instead of just covering it up. (I use CareFresh Ultra.) You can also use a product in the drinking water to neutralize the smell. Bio-Odor has gotten good reviews. Rat parents have found litter training to keep the smell down, too. While rats typically will not use it for tinkle, they will for poo which will be a help. The AFRMA has reviews on bedding which you may find of use, and TFM, although a mouse site, has information on cleaning that can be applied to rats. As for litter training, DapperRat has an article on how to successfully train your rats to use the litter box. The links follow: http://www.afrma.org/rmindex.htm (scroll for bedding articles) http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/cleaning... http://www.dapper.com.au/articles.htm#li... You can ask for suggestions on a rat forum for a bigger audience. The "Links" section at DR may also be helpful as they have a ton of links: http://www.ratforum.com/ http://www.dapper.com.au/links.htm
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Eglantine Originally Answered: What habitat do rats like?
First and most importantly, rats like other rats. Always adopt rats in pairs or groups. They live in huge colonies in the wild and thrive off interaction with other rats. A single rat is a sad rat. Rats need a cage that is taller rather than it is wide, with horizontal bars, as they love climbing. Provide plenty of shelves (solid, not wire) and ledges. Hammocks are also really good. Rats adore tubes and tunnels and love to scurry through them and sleep in them. Don't bother with a wheel. http://www.dapper.com.au/toys.htm Have a look at this link for cheap and fun rat toys. You can theme your cage to be a jungle or a sewer or whatever, but rats live anywhere humans do, so that's really more for you than for them. :) Rats need a good diet based on a lab block like Harlan Teklad, or a food like Mazuri or Oxbow. Seed mixes are fattening and really unhealthy - rats will eat the yummy, fat bits like sunflower seeds and leave the healthy bits. Supplement their diet with fresh fruit and vegetables. If you can't get any of the above brands, you can use a low-protein, high-quality dog food like Eukabana. If you can't get that either, use grains (cereals, oats, soy etc) and plenty of fruit and veg. :) Rats are not going to get rabies unless bitten by another animal that already has it, so don't worry. You will need to set aside a fair amount of money to take your rats to the vet, as they are very prone to respiratory illness (URIs) such as mycoplasma. Research and learn to recognise the signs - early treatment is very important. Good luck with your new ratties! :)

Chelsea Chelsea
Females do not smell as musky or heavy as males, and they tend to mark less (at least my girls don't mark hardly at all). I only have to clean my girls cage every 10 days (I spot clean halfway in though) and even then the smell isn't "terrible". Use the right kind of bedding (something absorbent), clean the cage regularly, and don't always clean everything "perfectly" (if you remove all the smell they may be more likely to mark everything to claim it again!) You can also put a box of baking soda nearby to soak up some smell! Male mice smell horrible... i've had them and couldn't stand it. I far prefer my gerbils and rats!
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Arline Arline
No, one of my rats smell like vanilla lol. Mice are the worst, they are so smelly. Rats dont smell as bad, but can be smelly if you dont clean their cage. Female rats smell better than males, because males mark teir territory every five minutes, and have a musky male smell. They will be fine with a cleaning every four days. Females are awesome, they dont smell at all. You need to clean ther cage once a week, and you have some sweet smellin females. Rats are soooo fun, im sure you will love them.
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Zed Zed
not at all. rats are by far at the least smelly end of rodent smells, especially the females. as long as they are healthy, their diet is good, their litter is appropriate and their cage clean and large enough for them, female rats hardly have a smell at all. I can actually smell the natural papery scent of their litter more than I can smell them. the males smell musky but not unpleasant. however it is quite noticeable. if smell is a major concern, female rats are brilliant pets. compared to mice you will hardly even know they're there. mice have a much stronger scent than rats do, even though they appear quite similar. rats are also litter trainable, which mice aren't really. rats also smell less than hamsters do.
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Simon Simon
Nope they don't smell up a room like male mice do. *shudders*. I used to have females, and they actually smell great! I also love the way male rats smell. It's a nice musky smell, and I love it.
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I really want rats!!! I have been doing loads of research and from ratings recommend these... http://www.petco.com/product/101910/8-in... http://www.petco.com/product/6558/PETCO-... Now if you want cheap, try homemade toys! Take an old sock, fill it with treats (for rats from the pet store -- NOT CHOCOLATE AND CANDY) and tie off the ankle part of the sock. PINATA!!!! They will rip the sock to shreads! You can also use tissue and shoe boxes -- fill them with shredded paper, hide some treats and watch her explore! WAIT A MINUTE -- she's alone? You don't have a second rat? WHAT? You MUST have a same-sex partner with her. So... get another cage. Get another GIRL rat. Keep the cages close together for a week so they can sniff eack other, then introduce them in the bathtub (no water!!!) and let them hang out, repeat, and if all goes well let em live in the same cage! All her boredom problems will be solved! Seriously, though. Rats can get depressed without a friend of their own species. For toys, you can try these, too: http://www.dapper.com.au/toys.htm

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